Augmented Reality for Publishers


AR is 90 times more engaging than text-based content.


AR-based product interactions result in 94% higher conversion rate

Story Depiction in AR Bringing Story to Life

Do you want your pictures to tell a story worth a thousand words? Add AR to them and tell stories that you couldn’t otherwise. Express more, visually, aesthetically.

Make Learning Fun Through Educational AR Books

Do you want people to learn and enjoy their learning at the same time? Consider AR books to make learning engaging and fun in real time.

Interactive Prints AR Experience with Images

Want your images to convey more than what they do? AR images are the solution to make an image tell more about itself. Let images speak for themselves.

AR Games Quizzes and Puzzles Realted to the Story

Keep your users engaged. Test their learning, without having them stress about it. Let them enjoy the experience of applying their knowledge without any pressure. A little AR embedded test after the story doesn’t hurt.

Vossle for Publishers

Magazines Advertising

Use Magazine covers for more than just eye candy, use them to spread the word about anything and everything.

Adding Sound to your Book

Tell people more about your book in your own voice, make the book convey your message. Let the book be you for a change.

Try Celebrity Eyewear using AR

Always wanted to try the eyewear that celebrities were wearing? Now is your chance, try that eyewear, see how’d they look on you, feel like you are a celebrity for once.