What is WebAR?

WebAR defined: WebAR is a technology that enables users to access Augmented Reality (AR) experiences right on their smartphone browser. Users don’t need to download any other application to access AR Experiences. 

Users just need to scan the AR-enabled QR code and click the link; nothing more is required. Depending on the type of AR Experience, WebAR superimposes digital items onto the user’s environment using the front-facing (selfie) or back cameras.

By employing Web AR, brands can quickly turn their whole product line into incredibly lifelike digital models that customers can virtually try on or visualize and interact with, in their real-life environment.

Let’s assume a marketer wants to promote a brand-new jewelry line. The marketer can use Web AR to realistically place jewelry on the user’s face using Vossle’s facial detection to increase client confidence and sales while they are making purchases online.

of the users interacting with the products through AR experiences end up purchasing the product.

Around 75% of the total world’s population and nearly all the smartphone users will be undergoing AR experience frequently by 2025.

of the people want to use AR as a practical tool in everyday use which shows their belief in the technology and prospects AR can offer.

Statistics Credit – Queppelin

The Launch Pads: QR code & Deep links

WebAR shines bright when it comes to accessing the content therein. The process is fast, intuitive, simple and offers unmatchable reach without going the extra step of downloading any application. The QR scanner and web browsers are enough to scan and access the AR world.

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The Platform: Friendly with all browsers

There is no need to have a special Web AR-supported browser as almost all modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc support Web AR technology.

The Analytics: Google Analytics to guide the way

WebAR helps you get the deepest and widest insights on the performance of the content with the help of Deep Links & Google Analytics. These insights can prove to be of gold when tracking and reporting AR Experience and sharpening your endeavors to enhance the user’s experience.

Why WebAR? Benefits of WebAR for businesses

WebAR brings a lot of viable and operational benefits for businesses. The easiness of experience help is expanding reach but also saves a lot of business resources.

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WebAR is Affordable

WebAR helps you save valuable resources when compared to developing an Native Application (iOS & Android) for Augmented Reality (AR). Developing, maintaining, and updating an application on a regular basis can be a resource-intensive affair.

It can not only drain you of money but also of your precious time. Bypassing the app development process clearly appears to be a killer business move.

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Space for Billions

There are 7.26 Billion smartphones i.e. over 91% of the world’s population. This huge penetration opens up a whole new territory of possibilities. Unlike other AR technologies, WebAR is the best and easiest technology to capture this space.

WebAR is Speedy

Deploying the WebAR experience is fast and easy. All you need to do is, get the 3D model of your experience created, upload it on an AR platform like Vossle, and there you have it. The WebAR experience is ready to be published, saving you from lots of hassles and resource investment.

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WebAR provides Higher Reach

Deploying the WebAR experience is fast and easy. All you need to do is, get the 3D model of your experience created, upload it on an AR platform like Vossle and there you have it. Your WebAR experience is ready to be published, saving you from lots of hassles and resource investment.

WebAR Technology is compatible with more than 7.26 Billion smartphones worldwide across iOS & Android, giving brands a wider reach than any application could.

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WebAR is Compatible

The WebAR experiences are compatible with a range of web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and others. They can also easily run on Operating systems like Microsoft’s Windows, iOS, Android, etc.

How is WebAR different from app-based or native AR?

The most important feature of WebAR is it is an App-less AR experience. That is, unlike App-based or Native AR, the user does not need to download any Android or iOS App to indulge in the AR experience. The user can directly access the AR through any browser by scanning a QR code or tapping on the link. 

Similarly, developing an AR experience on WebAR is much easier, especially with platforms like Vossle that allow no-code creation of AR experience. 

Comparing it with app development, then things are more challenging as it requires a lot of rigorous testing to develop an app compatible across different devices, OS, and platforms.

Thus, these advantages of WebAR lead to higher reach, almost twice that of App-based or Native AR.

Wonders of WebAR: Say ‘No’ to hassles

WebAR gives you the power to say ‘NO’ to a lot of development issues so that the experience is smooth and effective to meet the end goals with ease.

Say 'No' to Applications Development

Browser-based Augmented Reality helps you bypass the step involving software applications to access AR content. Thus, it makes the experience easier to access by the user.

Say 'No' to limits

Unlike Native or App-based AR, the possibilities and accessibility with WebAR are unlimited. It can be created in any way one wants and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Say 'No' to coding

To create a Web-based AR experience using Vossle, one does not need to be an expert software developer or have deep coding knowledge. With Vossle, it can be created in a minute.

Say 'No' to delay in immersion

WebAR helps you share the AR content in real-time and let it go viral by sharing it on social media. This property is not available with Native or App-based AR.

Industries adopting AR faster than ever

Fashion & Clothing

Businesses in fashion industry are helping customers try out apparel and see if it goes with the style at home using AR.


True-to-life dimensions and designs of Jewelry in Augmened Reality to give customers a clear idea of the jewelry, try it and make it easy for them to purchase.


Customers can try out the watches on their hands to suit their fashion sense. Businesses are adding AR functionality to their online watch stores to beat the competition.

Home & Furniture

Using AR, customer can now place the furniture in their living room to check if its blends with the interior or fits into the place.


AR has the ability to teleport users to tourist destinations right from their bedrooms. User tours the place, and that make them crave a visit.


Immersive entertainment outclass all other forms of entertainment. AR services are used in entertainment for gaming, music, or videos.

Create Immersive AR Experiences using Vossle

Vossle enables the easiest way to create AR experiences that anyone can share with the world. No need for expert coding skills, all you need is an idea that can shake the world.

Vossle makes AR Creation Easy

With Vossle, creating an experience is more like filling out an online form. You have to choose the options as per your need with easy settings and, in less than a few minutes, you get the link and QR code for your WebAR Experience.

cloud computing

Vossle is a Cloud-based SaaS platform

Being a cloud-based SaaS platform allows the user to access the Vossle platform in their browser itself without the need to download or install any heavy applications to create a WebAR Experience.

Vossle does not require coding or developers

Vossle offers the creation of App-less experiences via drag and drop functionality in an easy to use dashboard. Experiences created on Vossle come with cross-browser compatibility and can run on any modern browser out of the box so you don’t need to go through the costly development process involving a team of developers, tester, and other professionals.

Other Features

360-degree Markerless Experience

The AR experience created using Vossle can bring to life 360 view of products in the user’s environment and produce a really immersive experience.

Video Embedding & Support

Include videos in your AR content and speak in a more elaborate and clear manner than any other medium.

Image Tracking

Turn any 2D image into a triggering point of your 3D or 360-degree experience through Vossle’s image tracking system.

3D Support

Make it more lively and realistic by placing 3D objects into your experience and unfolding this new reality.

Face Tracking

Face tracking capability allows you to explore more, create more and offer more. Offer Tryon experience or twist the face feature and attract more audience.

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Lightning Adjustment

Vossle allows you to adjust the light focusing on the AR object and make it seamlessly merge with the reality around.

Instantly Publish

This is the best part of creating AR with Vossle as you can instantly publish the experience and make it available to an audience that can be in billions.


Yes, WebAR offers stability like any other AR mode. The content is clear and immersive just as you want. In fact, our platform also provides the feature of scanning the surface so that the content can be placed over it with proper stability and make it more realistic.

The understanding of the concept of Augmented Reality is right there in these two words – Augmented & Reality. The word ‘augment’ means ‘add to’ i.e. adding something, while ‘reality’ as we all know means the state of things as they exist in this world. Therefore, Augmented Reality means the addition of something to the state of things as they exist or, in short, adding something to the reality. As a whole Augmented Reality is the addition of virtual elements to the existing reality.

If you are on Woocommer or Shopify, you can use the Vossle plug-in to instantly integrate AR experiences on the product page of your e-commerce website. Else, you can also use a QR code or link to offer easy WebAR experiences to your visitors.

No at this moment we do not offer SDKs

Yes, Web AR works perfectly in real-time. They are almost like any other mode of AR, however,  easier to create and use.

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is a way of delivering applications over the Internet as a service. In this setup, the users don’t need to install heavy softwares or apps. A user can directly access and operate the software on their browser.

Yes, with the Vossle plugin available now, you can seamlessly integrate the WebAR experiences into your Woocommerce and Shopify product pages.

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