Visualizing the Unboxing Experience of Luxury Footwear

Luxury Footwear retailer created a Shoe Unboxing Experience in AR.

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shoe ar unboxing experience screen1
shoe ar unboxing experience screen2
shoe ar unboxing experience screen3
shoe ar unboxing experience screen4

The customer was seeking a way to increase sales of high-end shoes without having to keep a sizable inventory of the items themselves. As a result, they created AR Product Visualization Experiences on Vossle of these shoes. The QR codes of the Experiences were printed and put up in the store. 

This spared the store from having to actually keep a stock of the luxury shoes in store. By simply scanning the QR Code, prospective buyers can visualize how the product would look in real life, without having to physically try on the shoes. 

Moreover, the store included the unboxing of the shoes in the AR Experience as well, giving customers the most immersive experience possible.

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