Tanishq Jewelry Tryon in Metaverse

Product launch with 3D Jewelry Try-On for their new jewelry collection called ‘Polki’.

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Tanishq – A Tata Company and Titan’s jewelry brand – gained immense attention from journalists and shoppers nationwide with their one-of-a-kind marketing campaign. The brand leveraged the fact that many online shoppers prefer the ability to virtually try on a product before buying it, especially when it comes to luxury goods such as jewelry.

Team Tanishq created the digital twins of their new collection called “Polki”. During their launch event in Tanishq’s Metaverse called Rivaahverse, the attendees were able to virtually try on these 3D jewelry pieces in real life using a camera-equipped device such as a smartphone. 

This virtual event was a resounding hit as it combined AR and Metaverse components to give its audience an amazing, immersive experience from the comfort of their homes.

It even proved to be a win-win since Vossle became the world’s first platform to enable Virtual Try-on in a Metaverse.

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