Studio Homey, AR Furniture Visualization

Studio Homey’s integrates Vossle into their Furniture E-commerce store so their customers can visualize their offerings and make confident purchase decisions.

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furniture ar experience screen1
furniture ar experience screen2
furniture ar experience screen3
furniture ar experience screen4

The US Furniture brand Studio Homey created AR Experiences for their whole product line on Vossle and integrated it on their website using Vossle’s WordPress Plugin. This enabled online customers to immediately view the furniture in their actual setting while shopping.

Prospects can scan the code on their phone, hold it up to their room, and immediately view a 3D representation of the furniture. This solves the common struggle to visualize an online product and customers are able to make more informed choices.

This proved beneficial for the furniture eCommerce brand as their customers were able to make quick and confident buying decisions. Implementing Vossle Try-on for furniture on their website helped the client reduce product returns.

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