PlayStation 5 Unboxing and Visualizing in AR

An electronics retailer’s solution to lower inventory of PS5 by offering AR Product Visualization

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playstation ar experience screen1
playstation ar experience screen2
playstation ar experience screen3
playstation ar experience screen4

The PS5 is a pricey video game, therefore maintaining a large inventory in the store requires investing a lot of money in the goods without assurance that they will be bought.

To solve this issue, an electronics retailer decided to create an AR Experience for the PS5. This experience included PS5’s gaming console and controller along with a desktop to give their customers an idea of how the setup will look in real life.

The QR Code of this Experience was put up in the store. Interested buyers can simply scan the QR Code, visualize how the video game will look in their home, and make quicker decisions. 

Due to the AR Experience, the retailer does not have to keep multiple PS5s at their store anymore. Instead, the retailer can now directly ship the video game to any customer who wishes to purchase it after interacting with the AR Experience.

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