Microsoft Surface Pro 8 with AR Workflow

Retailers’ solution to make offline shopping for electronics more informative for their customers.

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microsoft surface ar experience screen1
microsoft surface ar experience screen2
microsoft surface ar experience screen3
microsoft surface ar experience screen4

The QR Code of this AR Workflow Experience was put up in the store. Interested buyers can simply scan the QR Code, and visualize how the laptop will look in real-time.

In the experience, a 3D digital twin of the laptop dismantles and then assembles itself into a whole model. Basically with AR Workflow, on shaking the customer’s smartphone once, the screen of the device pops up. On shaking again, a keyboard attaches itself to the screen. The idea is to get a clear understanding of all the parts of the product to help customers make a more confident shopping decision. It can be viewed in 360 as well.

Click the link below or
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