Home Interior Visualization with WebAR

An architect’s approach to turn house designs into AR Visualization Experience.

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house ar experience screen1
house ar experience screen2
house ar experience screen3
house ar experience screen4

The user, an architect, was seeking a better approach to communicate their design vision with their clients in a much better way. Rather than sharing simple 2D designs of their client’s houses, they wanted to share 3D representations of these blueprints to help their clients visualize their future homes better.

As a result, they created a few AR Experiences on Vossle. These experiences were the 3D representation of the house designs whose QR codes can be scanned by their clients and visualized in real-time (as shown in the AR Experience here). 

Moreover, virtual staging enables customers to customize the interiors and view finished goods and furniture before it is put in place. The clients can zoom in on the AR Experience, see even the most minute details of the design and decide for themselves whether they like it or not.

The entire process increased the client’s level of satisfaction, and decisions on the house’s design were made more promptly and confidently.

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