Home Interior Blueprints with AR

An interior design company helped their clients visualize their home & kitchen ideas better with Vossle.

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AR can turn simple ideas or blueprints into fully working properties. Customers can interact with these 3D digital prototypes of the designs placed onto any land and visualize it. This helps them understand whether they picture themselves in that space, instead of just referring to static 2D images while deciding the interior of the house. 

Moreover, virtual staging enables customers to customize the interiors and view finished goods and furniture before it is actually put in place. The entire procedure raises the client’s level of satisfaction.

Keeping such factors in mind, an interior design company decided to jump on the AR bandwagon and created an AR Experience on Vossle of a client’s kitchen interior blueprint. This helped the company communicate their visions to their client more effectively than ever before. This ultimately resulted in a successful lead closure.

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