Headphones AR Visualization

An electronics retailer’s solution to lower inventory by offering AR Product Visualization and Try-on.

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Before buying electronics such as Headphones, shoppers are usually keen to know how it would look on them in real life. However, this also means keeping inventories of all the products a store is selling in order to let shoppers try them on themselves in real life.

The client, an electronics retailer, was seeking a solution that dismisses this issue. As a result, they created 3D digital twins for many of their products. Such as this pair of headphones. The QR codes of these AR Experiences are put up all over the store. 

Their customers can now easily scan the code and virtually try on and visualize how the product would suit them in real life for more confident purchases. The need to unbox a product while shopping and keep a large inventory for the same was dismissed. The Experience was also integrated on their website to boost quicker checkouts. 

AR is a technology many electronic brands and sellers are now opting for to give their customers a more immersive and personalized shopping experience.

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