Handcream AR Visualization

A Beauty eCommerce brand’s solution to increase conversion rate by offering AR Product Visualization and embedding it on the website.

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handcream ar visualization screen1
handcream ar visualization screen2
handcream ar visualization screen3
handcream ar visualization screen4

The brand was seeking a strategy to promote more product sales on their website. This is where Vossle’s Markerless AR and Inline AR Feature comes into play.

The brand created AR Experience for their whole product line and integrated it on their website using Vossle’s WordPress Plugin. Prospects can use Markerless AR to scan the code on their phone, hold it up to their room, and immediately view a 3D representation of the product in the actual setting. 

The brand provided their customers with the luxury of viewing an online product in real life before purchasing it, hence encouraging quick decisions and increasing product sales.

Moreover, with Vossle’s Inline Feature, some Product Visualization experiences were also embedded on the website. This means that customers can visualize any product in real time just by scrolling on the product page- all without having to scan a QR code of the AR Experience or click on any link.

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