Augmented Reality in Education


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AR-based training is an engaging approach to strengthen employee qualifications, optimize workflow, and reduce resource consumption.

With AR integrated into your blended learning programs, learners will be more attentive to the presented content and retain more information. Easily deliver more cost-effective training to a larger range of people across teams and regions.

Create Highly Compatible AR Experiences for Education.

students are more likely to attend an AR-based class.

students claim AR improved their learning experience and escalated subject grasping.

How can Augmented Reality help
Education Industry

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Create a Dynamic Learning Environment

  • An interactive learning environment provides opportunities to implement hands-on learning approaches that can help students visualize the subject being taught, enhance their learning experience, and get students to learn and practice new skills.
  • Classrooms that deploy AR help students understand their curriculum more effectively.

Improve Retention with AR Visualization

  • AR is an effective tool to help students remember crucial information by bringing lessons to life instead of being restricted to word descriptions or book drawings.
  • Students often try to envision what they read in order to understand it thoroughly. For instance, AR can help teachers recreate historical lessons interactively and memorably rather than just presenting photographs and text.
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Cost-effective Solution for Institutions

  • Since a growing number of young people now own smartphones, integrating AR into teaching becomes more and more affordable. Platforms such as Vossle only require a smartphone and browser to make AR accessible to everyone.
  • In addition, replacing pricey textbooks with AR lowers the overall education costs for institutions.

Improve Student-Teacher Collaboration

  • Since any AR content is easily shareable, teachers and students can work together to continuously refine and customize the study material.
  • Students’ enthusiasm and motivation to learn are significantly higher in a collaborative learning environment.
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Core Action guide for AR for Education Industry


Embrace the rising trend of Visual Search & Augmented Reality in Education. Immersive experiences in education hold immense opportunity to be the key driver for accelerated digital transformation.


Innovate ways to utilize Vossle’s AR to digitize the traditional classroom learning experience. Immerse students in visually interactive and gamified experiences for faster and more effective learning.


Extend AR learning by collaborating with your students to create customized education modules. Students’ motivation to learn increases with active participation in the content creation process.


Conquer your curriculum by bringing lessons to life and helping students visualize essential details. Students retain knowledge better when learning goes beyond texts and 2D images. 


Empower your tutors and students in creating custom study material with AR, a hands-on approach that makes learning more enjoyable and engaging for all.


Accelerate growth and dominate your peers using AR as one of the core methods of learning at your institution.

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At a CAGR of 60.4%, the market for augmented reality in training and education is forecast to reach $68.71 billion in 2026.

Vossle is making web-based augmented reality experiences more affordable for businesses. Whether you want to use AR for marketing or education or training purposes.

Students can learn simple and difficult concepts in their books using augmented reality (AR) visualization. The human brain, digestive system, Hooke’s law, and other 3D digital items can be superimposed in augmented reality to help pupils learn and remember things better.

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