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Easy your way to fast and smooth AR integration. Gain a market edge in customer acquisition.

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Vossle lets you create AR Experiences instantly for your products on your eCommerce store with the help of our plugins.



Introducing Vossle's New Plugin

If you run an e-commerce business, we have some smashing news for you.

Vossle is now available in plugin avatar. At Vossle, we are have a philosphy of eliminating the need to code for our customers, and with the introduction of our Web Plugin we are taking this philosophy to next level.

Our team now offers an easier & faster way to trigger AR experiences on WordPress, Shopify & Magento platforms. Activate WebAR experience for your products listed on the product pages for an unmatched online shopping experience for users.

Users can access a WebAR experience on all the modern web browsers and explore the products with sophistication.

A positive impact on Revenue from Online Store

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AR bridge the trust gap with the users & reduces cart abandonment to boost sales by up to 200%.

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AR integration to e-commerce reduces costly returns by up to 25%. Purchases done using AR reduce the chances of customer dissatisfaction.

Plug, Play & Grow

Integrate AR on your eCommerce store without writing a line of code

Exceptional User Experience

Let users explore the product from every angle, let them place it in their own environment, and move it around in real-time. Help them make a good decision to shorten the path to purchase.

Step ahead of the Competition

Showcase your offering with a proven way of AR when it comes to engaging the prospects. Create an image in the user’s mind that competitors find impossible to replace.  

Enhanced Brand Reputation

Use AR to fill the missing link of product demonstration when it comes to online shopping. Offer transparency to build a strong brand image.

Higher ROI

AR has a proven record for augmenting sales and reducing returns. Hence, you not only improve your income but at the same time you save a lot of costs. All this can be availed at a very reasonable price.

Vossle Advantage

Fast & Easy

The user just needs to scan the QR code, click on the link and the experience is activated in no time. No need to download any additional apps.


The integration is simple and intuitive. No need to write lengthy codes or undergo any form of complex operations. Just activate the plugin and let it work its magic

Stable & Compatible

The browser-based experience triggered via the plugin runs without glitches on all modern devices & browsers.

"It's been great and we have identified several use cases for it."

Open new possibilities with Augmented Reality.  Do it with ease and perfection to make an unforgettable impression. Let our platform do the job for you.


4.9 out of 5 stars

Capterra, Software Reviews

Growing List of Industries we cater to

Fashion & Clothing

Help your customers try out apparel and see if it goes with the style. Help them find the right match and save them from second thoughts.


AR jewelry for true-to-life dimensions and designs to give your customers a clear idea of the jewelry and make it easy for them to purchase.


Let the customers try out the watches on their hands to suit their fashion sense. Add AR functionality to your watches to beat the competition.

Home & Furniture

Place the furniture in their living room to check if its blends with the interior or fits into the place.


Teleport them to the tourist destinations right from their bedrooms. Give them an AR tour of your place and make them crave a visit.


Add the AR factor to your entertainment services be it gaming, music, or videos. Immersive entertainment outclass all other forms of entertainment.


AR plugin is an augmented reality solution that allows eCommerce stores to showcase 3D models of products through an interactive visualization within their environment. Customers can access the experience with their smartphone or tablet.

Vossle AR plugin is an easier and faster way for businesses to integrate Vossle platforms AR functionality into their eCommerce store on Shopify, Woocommerce & Magento. The AR button gets attached to your products on the listing page from where the customer can activate the AR experience by simply clicking on the link or scanning the QR code. In the experience, they can view & interact with the product in their own environment.

To add AR experience to your WooCommerce, upload ar-for-woocommerce.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Expand the Zip file there. To activate the plugin, go to the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. Now, visit the settings page in Woocommerce to launch the functionalit

To AR functionality to your eCommerce store on WooCommerce, first, install the WooCommerce and Vossle plugin. Then, activate the Vossle plugin with the help of a WordPress API key available on Vossle’s dashboard. 

Next, go to the WooCommerce setting in the Vossle plugin. Enable the AR button, click the “Add Experience” option and choose the product. You can create a new experience or choose an existing one. Submit the form. The AR experience is active now.

To check its functionality, click the “View in AR” button on the product detail page, a QR code will appear to access the experience through it.