Augmented Reality for FMCG


AR is 90 times more engaging than text-based content.


AR-based product interactions result in 94% higher conversion rate

Use Case

Ponds - Play & Pop

Pond’s is a child company of Hindustan Unilever. They explored web-based AR Games to attract a younger audience.

Vossle’s platform helped them create a web-based AR game accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Players have to pop the bubbles with their facial movements. With each bubble they pop, their skin becomes more radiant and glowing, representing the effect of the product.

AR for FMCG - Ultrafast eye-catching solution to disrupt the market

Dominating the FMCG market is all about constant eye-catching through ingenuity. The product turnover is high, and brand loyalty is minimal. Before you blink, the consumer is gone. Here, outshining the competition is not an option; it is a necessity.

Vossle’s Augmented Reality platform is the new innovative tool for you. Reach out creatively to your potential customers. Catch your imagination whenever and wherever you want. Gain

shooting high popularity and skyrocketing 2X sales.

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What is AR for FMCG?

When it comes to FMCG, marketing matters, and Augmented Reality (AR) is a new and powerful customer acquisition tool that brands should explore. One, it is easy and results in 30–40% more customer engagement than other marketing methods. Two, you can entertain, inform, and impress the user at the same time.

With AR, you digitally change or augment the environment around the customer. It allows them to immerse themselves in a world created by you.

Vossle’s AR platform gives you the creative freedom to make products in whichever impactful way you deem fit. Be it an immersive AR game like Pond’s Play & Pop or an AR product packaging like Gucci Flora.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in FMCG

A good impression lays the foundation of brand goodwill and loyalty towards the product. AR helps you leave a great impression on your potential customer, contributing to brand recognition.

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Trigger your AR experience using your logo. So, whenever the customer scans the logo, it kick-starts a fascinating AR experience. These added emotions make your logo more memorable, and the customer recognizes it instantly while wandering through the aisle.

Help your customers break through barriers of uncertainty like whether they will “look good” wearing a product, the color combination is just right, etc. By employing AR’s virtual tryon feature, users can try as many products as they want in a short amount of time. This leads to a solid conviction about the brand and the purchase.

AR experiences have a high potential to go viral. If a user is blown away by an AR experience, they would want their friends to enjoy it as well. This helps them nurture their relationships with others. Vossle’s Web AR experiences are super easy to share by just forwarding a link. We all know how miraculous it is for sales when a brand goes viral.

Take your branded AR experience where your audience is and reach a huge number of users. Simply put a QR code or any other AR triggering image wherever you like, be it your social media profile, digital ad campaigns, or a billboard on the street. Let users indulge in the experience and build an affinity with your product and brand.

Go super creative with Augmented Reality. Explore the new marketing game for you to dominate. Use AR in your sponsorship endeavor or offer a promotional gaming experience for your audience. Innovation is a high-powered magnet to the audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about Vossle? See the list for our most frequently asked questions. If your questions is not listed here, then please contact us.

The four types of AR are –

  • Markerless AR – In this, you don’t need any specific object to overlay the digital experience. The technology scans the surroundings and puts digital elements over them.

  • AR Games – This AR uses the real world to place gaming elements. This makes the experience more immersive, realistic, and relatable.

  • Tryons – It places wearable products over the user by scanning the body part. It can be clothing, cosmetics, or footwear.

  • Workflows – It combines different AR experiences and stitches them together.

There are various ways retailers can use AR to grow their businesses. AR can help offer a virtual walkthrough of the store to customers. They can check out the inventory on the shelf and buy it right there.

Retailers can also run various discounts, offers, and contests to engage customers with their brand. They can attract customers through AR gaming. To discuss it more, feel free to reach out to us.

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