Episode 1 - Introduction to Metaverse

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Welcome, everyone.

Welcome to our Metaverse podcast.

My name is Prafulla Mathur.

So I wanted to discuss the concept of Meta

verse, what it is, how you can participate in

the Metaverse ecosystem and what all is going

on because metaverse has now become a big buzzword.

So let’s discuss this in a little more detail.

This is our first podcast.

So what I’ll do is I’ll keep it very short and simple.

And as we go on in our further podcast, I will

kind of drill down more in details of all these concepts.

But let’s first discuss about what Metaverse is.

So think of it this way.

Metaverse is sort of an advanced version of the

Internet wherein you are inside of that internet.

How is that?

It’s sort of a 3D digital world,

3D digital virtual world sort of thing.

When you live a virtual life.

And what does that mean?

You have your own 3D avatar who represents you.

You interact with other people, their 3D avatars,

you talk to them, you play games, you

attend music concerts, you buy and sell stuff,

basically everything that you do in your life.

You do in a virtual life there.

Now how do you get into the Metaverse?

How do you create Meta verses?

So this primarily depends on a couple of

technologies, a combination of a couple of technologies,

primarily virtual reality, augmented reality, decentralized technologies like

Blockchain, NFT, so on and so forth.

Let’s discuss them in a little more detail.

And let’s understand a scenario wherein

all of these technologies come together.

Let’s say augmented reality.

Let’s first understand what it is.

So augmented reality by name itself says augmenting

your reality, which means increasing your reality.

And what do you mean by that?

You capture your reality.

First, you capture it, let’s say, through augmented reality

glass, or you capture it through a smartphone.

And then you add 3D digital virtual items

in that reality, you add items in that

reality which previously were not there.

And hence you increase your reality.

And that’s augmented reality for you. Virtual reality.

On the other hand, you experience virtual reality

by wearing virtual reality headsets over your eyes.

And now whatever you see inside that headset has

been created digitally, has been created on a computer.

It’s a whole new world that you see.

There is no physical reality combination to it.

It’s just virtual everything that you see

there you are immersed in that world.

You feel as if you are inside that world.

That’s virtual reality for you finally comes.

What NFT is it’s a non fungible token.

It’s something which is based

on decentralized technologies like Blockchain.

And basically, NFDS are digital ownerships.

It’s a digital proof of ownership of any asset.

Now, this asset could be a song.

This asset could be an image, an

image of a painting, a photograph. What have you?

But if I can kind of give it a token,

give it a stamp of ownership it becomes an NFT.

Now I’ll cover these concepts, all these

VR AR NFTs in further podcasts.

But suffice to say that we

at least understand what these are.

Now let’s get into understanding a scenario wherein all three

of these combined to give you an idea of how

a meta worse with all these technologies would look like.

Let’s say you attend a digital concert, a

concert of your favorite band, and you attended

by wearing a virtual reality headset.

The band is streaming their

concert in this virtual reality.

You would have paid for this concert for the

ticket of this concert through, let’s say, a cryptocurrency

and you attend it right from your living room.

You do not even have to go

out of your home to attend this.

So you are in a virtual reality wherein you participate

right from your living room and you attend this concert,

this concert with millions of other people the way you

would have attended a real physical concert.

They could as well be

advertisements in this concert space.

Businesses could have bought Advertisement space in

this middle verse, and it’s exactly like

you attending any other concert or office.

Okay, so far, we’ve understood what meta worse is what

kind of technologies are used to create metal verses.

We’ve seen a sort of a scenario

of how it would look like.

Let’s also understand as startups as entrepreneurs,

as businesses, how we can participate in

the whole ecosystem of meta versus.

I’m sure that’s the question a lot of you,

a lot of businesses startups are asking these days.

And my view on this is first, I believe that the

world as we see and that way is about to change.

In the next 1020 years, we’ll be looking

at a world which is entirely different from

the world that we live in today.

And this is comparable to the advent of Internet,

how things change, how the world changed after that.

So we are witnessing that sort of

sea change coming in the world.

And for any such event to happen, a

lot of infrastructure has to be built.

It could be your software infrastructure.

It could be your hardware infrastructure, but that

underlying tech platform infrastructure base is required for

such a change to come in.

And that’s where a lot of entrepreneurs

can participate in the whole ecosystem.

And what I’m talking about is infrastructure.

Let’s say, because meta verses are in

augmented and virtual reality, you need platforms

which can build augmented and virtual reality.

You can build with the platforms which can

build these digital virtual worlds, where people can

come and roam around, talk to each other,

buy a stuff so on and so forth.

So you need that kind of platforms.

Secondly, you need marketplaces for NFPs where

people buy and sell digital currencies, buy

and sell NFD based currencies and values.

And apart from that, you need a lot of NFDS themselves.

You need NFT creatives.

So a lot of technology as well

as content is required for that.

Apart from that, a lot of hardware as well,

you would need virtual reality hardware companies as well.

The way you have your Oculuses by Facebook, you need

a number of other participants in that ecosystem so that’s

where a lot of value would be created as Kreplen

and also the two companies that I have cofounded.

This is where we are investing heavily.

This is where we are investing in the

building of this kind of infrastructure for Mercedes.

Let me give you a few examples of

what we are doing in this space.

Has created a platform called Gaden VR,

which is a virtual reality based meetings,

conferencing retail kind of platform.

It can build any virtual reality

based metawares that you want to.

People can come in, participate in that ecosystem.

They can have their own 3D avatars there.

They can attend music concerts.

They can attend seminars.

They can attend meetings, sales meetings,

internal company meetings, et cetera.

Everything that you can think of

can be done in that platform.

So that’s one as we also launched a

product called Vossil, which is a no code

SAS based platform to create augmented reality web

based augmented reality for that matter.

And it allows people to create this without writing.

Create augmented reality without writing even

a single line of code.

So that’s a second platform that we’ve developed.

Apart from that, we build NFT marketplaces.

We create a lot of NFDS as well.

So everything around Meta worse is

what we are creating today.

We are investing heavily on that and we are big

believers of Meta worse and all the meta worse technologies.

I hope that this podcast has helped you to understand what is

going on and what I can promise to you is that we

will bring a lot of content in this space to you.

A lot of concepts around these meta versus

virtual reality, augmented reality, n, ft blockchain, etc.

So in more detail in the podcasts to come, so

stay tuned and give us your feedback as well.

Thanks, guys. Take care. Bye.