Ultra Appeal Transforms User Experience with Vossle's AR Packaging

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About Ultra Appeal

Ultra Appeal is a renowned reseller of luxury perfumes, catering to a sophisticated clientele worldwide. With a focus on offering exclusive fragrances, they pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer experiences. To elevate its brand and captivate customers, Ultra Appeal partnered with Vossle to create AR-enabled packaging for its luxury perfume collection.


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Elevating Luxury Perfume Packaging with Vossle's AR Technology

Recognizing the significance of packaging in the luxury sector, Ultra Appeal sought to leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance its customers’ unboxing experience. By integrating Vossle’s Augmented Reality (AR) solution, they aimed to create a unique and immersive packaging experience that would leave a lasting impression on their discerning clientele.

They used Vossle’s easy-to-use, no-code, no-application AR platform to create an easy-to-access Augmented Reality packaging experience. For this, they just uploaded 3D models of their product, used integrated AI for additional help, adjust some settings and that’s it. The AR experience was ready. Vossle provided them with a QR code and the link to the AR experience that they can anywhere for their users to access the experience.

Unveiling a Multi-Sensory AR Journey through Immersive Packaging

Ultra Appeal’s AR packaging took perfume unboxing to new heights, immersing customers in a multi-sensory journey. As customers scanned the QR code on the packaging, they were transported into a virtual realm where they could visualize the fragrance notes, explore the perfume’s inspiration, and witness the craftsmanship behind each bottle. The AR experience added an extra layer of delight and sophistication, elevating the perfume purchase into a memorable sensory experience.

By offering this immersive journey, Ultra Appeal differentiated itself in the market and solidified its reputation as a luxury brand committed to innovation and customer-centricity.

Benefits of Vossle's AR Packaging for Ultra Appeal


Enhancing Customer Engagement and Brand Experience

Ultra Appeal aimed to provide its customers with a truly unforgettable experience. The Augmented Reality packaging allowed them to engage customers on a deeper level, offering an interactive and immersive exploration of their luxury perfumes. This personalized and unique encounter not only delighted customers but also reinforced Ultra Appeal’s brand image as a leader in the luxury fragrance segment.


Showcasing Perfume Details and Storytelling

Vossle’s AR technology enabled Ultra Appeal to convey intricate details about each perfume and its craftsmanship. Customers could delve into the fragrance’s story, learn about its rare ingredients, and understand the artistry behind its creation. This storytelling aspect enhanced customer appreciation for the perfumes and provided a sense of exclusivity, driving interest and desire for Ultra Appeal’s products.


Collecting Valuable Customer Insights

Through Analytics, Ultra Appeal gained valuable insights into customer preferences, demographics, and engagement patterns. This data empowered them to refine their marketing strategies, tailor offerings to specific customer segments, and create targeted campaigns that resonated with their audience. The AR packaging became not only a delightful experience but also a source of invaluable customer insights for Ultra Appeal.

Project Results

3.5 minutes

Average time spent by a customer with the AR packaging experience.


increase in repeat purchases


increase in sales with high purchase intent overall

4.5 out of 5

customer satisfaction rating for the AR packaging experience

300% ROI

with cost-effective Vossle Subscription

Outcomes and Customer Response

Ultra Appeal witnessed a remarkable response from customers as they eagerly embraced the AR packaging experience. The interactive nature of the AR unboxing journey heightened customer engagement and created a sense of anticipation and excitement. Customers appreciated the opportunity to explore the perfumes in a new and captivating way, forging a stronger connection with the brand.

Through Vossle’s AR packaging, Ultra Appeal successfully elevated the luxury perfume experience, establishing itself as a pioneer in merging technology with the art of fragrance.

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