Trendfinity an Apple Reseller, Launches AR Product Packaging using Vossle

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About Trendfinity

Trendfinity is an Apple Reseller with branches in Dubai, London, and India. For the last 10 years, the store has dealt with all Apple products, ranging from iPhones to MacBooks. They deal in new and refurbished Apple products.

Trendfinity team created an AR-enabled packaging experience using Vossle as a unique solution to boost sales of the recently launched Apple devices.



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Apple's iPhone & MacBook packaging took a new dimension with Vossle

Packaging is frequently a consumer’s initial point of contact with a product, and AR can improve this crucial facet of the user experience. It also offers an established means for conveying important messages regarding the product.

Although it’s still far from common, AR is becoming more prevalent in product packaging. Brands are more likely to obtain a competitive edge in the market if they adopt it as soon as possible.

This is why creating Augmented Reality-based packaging turned out to be a convenient and practical solution for the store in order to boost sales of the recently launched Apple devices. The QR code was printed and put up in the store and on their packaging (shopping bags).

Using AR Packaging to Unbox & Visualize Apple Devices in 3D

In their AR Packaging, the Trendfinity team created an unboxing and visualization of the new Apple devices. It even included additional information about the iPhone’s features.

This was implemented with the goal of giving customers an enjoyable and memorable shopping experience. Instead of being another ordinary shopping bag, the AR Experience transformed it into a keepsake. This helped Trendfinity establish a reputation among customers as a tech-savvy and customer-focused retailer.

In the future, Trendfinity will not have to modify its packaging time and again for any new AR Experiences created on Vossle. Meaning the QR Code will remain the same even as the AR Experiences change, hence eliminating the need to always print new shopping bags with new QR Codes.

Why Trendfinity Preferred Vossle’s AR Packaging


Attracting More Gen Z Clientele

Trendfinity wanted to employ a marketing solution that would help them connect better with their Gen Z audience. Gen Z seeks a shopping experience that’s worthwhile and stands out to them. They seek fun, creativity, interaction, and clear communication – everything an AR-enabled 3D experience offers.

Creating AR Experiences on Vossle helped Trendfinity provide their Gen Z clientele with such a one-of-a-kind shopping experience and capitalize on the preferences of the young audience.


Lowering Store Inventory to Avoid Theft

Apple products are generally very pricey, especially newly launched devices. Therefore, maintaining a large inventory in the store requires investing a lot of money in the goods without assurance that they will be sold.

Creating AR Experiences of the devices on Vossle eliminated the store’s need to keep a huge inventory at their store. Instead, the retailer can now directly ship the devices to any customer who wishes to purchase them after interacting with the AR Experience.


A Fluid Marketing Tactic

A feature that makes Vossle stand out is the ease of editing any AR Experience. Since Trendfinity’s AR campaign is printed on their store’s packaging, it doesn’t mean that the packaging will always show the same AR Experience.

Based on their changing campaigns and marketing strategies, the same QR Code printed on the client’s packaging can be changed to show other AR experiences.

This gave the store the idea to further use the QR Code in different ways.

Outcome of Employing AR Packaging

Trendfinity observed that their consumers eagerly scanned the code and engaged with the AR Experience. 

Employing AR Unboxing and Visualization also proved to be a great solution as it spared the store from constantly having to explain every prospective buyer about the devices.

Additionally, Vossle WebAR brought unique customer insights for Trendfinity such as demography, interests, locations and much more.

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