Tanishq uses Vossle to enable World's First Try-On in Metaverse

About Titan Tanishq

Titan’s jewelry brand Tanishq is the first and biggest jewelry retail brand in India and is renowned for its outstanding craftsmanship, premium goods, and elegant design.

Tanishq wanted to give users and journalists the option to virtually try-on jewelry from their new collection ‘Romance of Polki’.



Vossle Features

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Creating an Immersive Experience for the “Everywhere Customer”

Tanishq decided to jump on the Augmented Reality (AR) bandwagon since a growing number of people now prefer to virtually try-on items while online shopping.


Tanishq excellently utilized Vossle’s platform by creating their own virtual jewelry for the latest bridal Polki collection, enabling a virtual try-on for their customers.

Challenges in Finding the Right Platform


Cost Effective, Web-based AR Solution

Tanishq opted for Vossle’s web-based AR platform since it is a cost-effective platform that eliminates the need to spend ten-folds on developing an application for the AR experience.


Facial Movement & Recognition

The virtual jewelry had to fit precisely on the neck of the user. This meant recognizing facial and neck movements of the user. This challenge was resolved by Vossle’s AI Engine, which it automatically implements in AR Experiences.


Activating Try-On in Metaverse

It was crucial that the platform could seamlessly activate the AR Try-On Experience in Tanishq’s Metaverse. Since Vossle Experiences can be easily integrated with any Metaverse, this issue was resolved.


Cross Device Compatible

Cross-device compatibility was an important aspect of triggering AR Experience in Tanishq’s Metaverse. This meant the Try-On experience should run smoothly without extra loading time across all smartphones and browsers.

Being such a big name in the market with a huge brand presence, they could not afford to have a half-baked solution. The platform had to be robust, with a stable and high-quality user experience.

Vossle Features used by Tanishq


Face Detection with Vossle's AI Engine

The Face Detection feature facilitated the recognition and tracking of the human face using Vossle’s AI Engine which accurately placed the jewelry on the neck of users.


Virtual Try On

With Vossle’s Face Detection feature, users could instantly try on the virtual jewelry using a QR Code which was placed in the Rivaahverse (Tanishq Metaverse).

World’s First Platform to Enable Virtual Try On in a Metaverse

Tanishq’s unique jewelry range is decorated with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and pearls and is a celebration of time-honored artisanal artistry that is inspired by Rajasthan.

Tanishq was successfully able to represent the stunning collection by creating accurate 3D virtual jewelry on Vossle. This campaign proved to be a win-win since Vossle became the world’s first platform to enable Virtual Try On in a Metaverse.

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