Unilever launches Pond’s WebAR Game on Vossle

About Unilever

Unilever is a London-based multinational Public Limited Company. It offers over 400 consumer goods brands in 190 countries. They are the largest producer of soap in the world.


Unilever owns Pond’s, an American brand dealing in beauty and health care products. They wanted to approach Millennials and Gen Z and expand their loyal customer base. Thus, they needed a smart, potent, and engaging marketing strategy to connect and influence the younger audience.


Skin Care

Vossle Features

Markerless AR,
AR Game,
Face Detection,

Experience Type

WebAR Game

Play, Pop, Win and Glow

The end result was a super interesting AR game. The player needed to pop the bubbles with their head and face movement. 


The more bubbles they pop, the more radiant and glowing their skin turns just like Ponds beauty cream. Once the experience gets over, users are offered discount coupons and the option to add the product to their cart. From there they can make the final purchase.

Challenges & Discovering the Perfect Platform

While going for the AR experience Pond’s team came across some real challenges. However, Vossle’s platform sorted all the issues and fulfilled their marketing needs.


Expensive AR Technology

Utilizing AR technology could be an expensive affair. It may cost somewhere between a few thousand dollars for a simple and straightforward AR app to around $300,000 for a feature-rich and customized AR solution.


Reaching more people

They wanted to reach as many user devices as possible. Given the target audience they needed an AR platform that could work even on low-spec devices and have high compatibility.


Seamless AR Integration with the customer journey

Pond’s team wanted to integrate AR with their D2C website on which they already have a presence. Plus, they wanted to integrate the AR experience into their sales funnel and offer a fruitful reward to users that interact with their WebAR Game experience.


AI-Infused Product

During a consultation with Vossle, they realized that they have to utilize AI for their game mechanics. The technology is needed to recognize facial movements so that when it comes into contact with a digital bubble, the bubble pops and face glows.


Cross Device Compatible

Lastly, they needed a tried and tested solution for the endeavor. Being such a big name in the market and a huge brand presence, they could not afford to have a half-baked solution. The solution should be robust, with a stable and high-quality AR experience.

Given these requirements, a Native AR application was already out of question. It would have required significant financial resources and had a limited reach.

On the other hand, Vossle’s Web-based AR was a perfect fit. It demanded a fraction of the cost, it could be shared anywhere, and it is tried and tested. Most importantly, it could seamlessly fit into an end-to-end business process.

Vossle’s AI-based Web3 Engine for WebAR Gaming

Pond’s team decided to use the Web AR gaming feature of Vossle. The choice was obvious as nothing can attract GenZ and Millenials as a game can. 

The game design, mechanics, and rules were finalized by them. They aimed to create a bubble game and use Vossle’s AI capability for it. 

Moreover, Vossle’s Engine allowed them to infuse better privacy for the user and faster deployment on the network.

Vossle Feature used by Pond's


Markerless AR

Pond’s Team utilized a markerless experience that can overlay digital content to any environment and doesn’t require prior knowledge of a user’s environment to overlay virtual 3D content. Hence, anyone could access the experiences without requiring any additional props.


Face Detection & AI

The Face Detection feature facilitated the recognition and tracking of the human face to overlay the digital content, in this case, bubbles onto the face of users. AI facilitated the interaction between the face and the glow resulting after the bubble burst.


Intensive & Extensive Testing

Pond’s found the Workflow feature highly useful. It facilitated the seamless transition of users from one junction to another. First, the user landed an image acting as the experience trigger. Within the experience, the AR Game and AR Filter were combined. Lastly, it directed users to the website for coupon generation and final product purchase.

An Exhaustive E-commerce Solution

Since the campaign was for Pond’s eCommerce enterprise, they needed a Web AR Gaming Solution for the affiliated needs. They found Vossle capable of facilitating an exhaustive D2C solution by covering the stages of Engagement, Consideration, and Transaction.

The results – 

  • 60x more campaign engagement.
  • 4+ minutes of average playing time resulting in extended session duration.
  • Improved Session duration lead to increase in organic traffic acquisition. 
  • A 550% increase in Click-through Rate(CTR). 
  • Exhaustive & effective E-commerce solution for better funnel conversion from Engagement, Consideration to Transaction.

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