ITC enables AR for Sunfeast Farmlite using Vossle

About ITC

ITC Limited is one of the largest Indian companies involved in industries like FMCG, Hotels, Paper and Packaging, Agri-business, and Information Technology. Some of its major brands include Sunfeast, Bingo, Wills Lifestyle, Gold Flake, and Classmate.

ITC’s Sunfeast, one of the best-known biscuit brands in India, sought to promote their new product range called Sunfeast Farmlite using Augmented Reality to implement in-store market activation.



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Taking products from the shelf to your phone, to your home!

AR-based in-store market activation is an impactful yet less explored mode of marketing. It captures the attention of customers at a critical juncture in their product exploration. This is the precise moment when Vossle’s augmented reality draws in, holds, and encourages consumer interest and impulse purchases.

Sunfeast picked Vossle because of its reputation for offering precise and web-based AR experiences. This way, they could offer immersive product visualization for a deeper and more engaging brand interaction as well as active user participation in the marketing campaign.

Immersing in the land of Sunfeast Farmlite

Our client placed Vossle-generated QR codes for POSM (point of sale marketing) at renowned outlets in Chennai and Guwahati.

By scanning these codes, users access the experience. wherein they are first greeted with a start page (splash screen) that introduces them to the Sunfeast Farmlite world when they scan the QR Code on the biscuit’s packaging. They are instantly transported into the world of Sunfeast by pressing the Start button.

This interesting experience showcases the product sitting in a field of wheat and its key ingredients. The clouds and balloons are drifting over and around the field, and so are the digestive biscuits! The icing on the cake is when we see an airplane flying through the sky while towing a banner bearing the brand’s name.

The whole AR Experience is accompanied by the brand’s catchy jingle.


Vossle's AR for In-Store Activations

Vossle’s AR is blurring the distinction between online and traditional retailing. It can quickly transition products from the physical to the virtual world.

Using Vossle AR technology is a clever way to attract a tech-savvy younger population that enjoys trying new experiences and is often a high spender, and persuade them to make that purchase.

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