The Largest Bank of Middle East Creates Unique Face Filter on Vossle

About Emirates NBD

Our client, Emirates NBD, is a Dubai-based government-owned bank. It is the largest banking group in the Middle East & Turkey (MENAT) region in terms of assets that gross over $200 Billion. With more than 9,000 people, Emirates NBD is one of the largest employers in the UAE.

Emirates NBD team created its own AR Face Filter on Vossle to celebrate the Chinese New Year.



Vossle Feature used

Face Detection

Experience Type

AR Face Filter

emirates nbd

Celebrating the Chinese New Year with Vossle AR

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger.

Emirates NBD celebrated the New Year by creating a Face-Filter AR Experience on Vossle. This experience allowed the users to get their faces painted with a tiger image.

To maximize their reach the client’s team decided to move ahead with a browser-based AR Filter to offer an engaging experience to their audience regardless of whether the user was on social media platform or not.

Challenges in Finding the Right Platform


Cost Effective, Web-based AR Solution

Emirates NBD opted for Vossle’s web-based AR platform since it is a cost-effective platform that eliminates the need to spend ten-folds on developing an application for the AR experience.


Reach & Cross-Device Compatibility

Emirates NBD wanted to reach as many people as possible. They chose us since Vossle’s Web-based Experiences can be easily accessed and shared with others, across all devices and platforms.

Being such a big name in the market with a huge brand presence, they could not afford to have a half-baked solution. The platform had to be robust, with a stable and high-quality user experience.


AI-Infused Product

The tiger face filter had to fit perfectly on the face of the user. This meant recognizing the face & facial movements of the users. This challenge was resolved by Vossle’s AI Engine, which it automatically implements in AR Experiences.

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