Taiwan University creates an AR Book using Vossle

About the University of Taiwan's AR Book Project

The University of Taiwan achieved a unique and inspiring feat using the powerful yet simple Vossle AR platform. They successfully reinvigorated Taiwanese culture while raising awareness of AR technology among the elder population. 



Experience Type

Markerless and Tryons


The AR Book: A Gateway to Taiwan's Cultural Treasures

The University used Vossle to create an AR Experiences integrated book, titled Discover Taiwan’s Cultural Heritage and unveiled the same at Taiwan Design Research Institute Event.

The book seamlessly blended tradition and technology. It offered a captivating way to explore Taiwan’s rich cultural heritage while informing elders about AR technology and its benefits for bringing any digital 3D model to like and merging it into the real world.

Using the Vossle Platform, the students of the University generated AR Experiences that seamlessly integrated with their book. QR codes were printed alongside the content, enabling readers to access the AR experiences and immerse themselves in a world of interactive storytelling.

The AR book featured several noteworthy experiences that left a lasting impact

An awe-inspiring 3D visualization of an ancient Taiwanese church, bringing to life its architectural grandeur and rekindling a sense of devotion among readers.

A mesmerizing AR experience showcasing traditional Taiwanese wedding dresses. Users could not only admire the intricate details of the garments but also virtually try them on, fostering a connection to Taiwanese traditions.

A captivating AR encounter featuring a retired train that once traversed Taiwan’s landscapes. By recreating this historic relic in 3D, readers were transported back in time and could appreciate its significance in Taiwanese history.

A delightful AR experience highlighting the evolution of school uniforms. By showcasing a 3D model of a schoolgirl wearing an old-fashioned uniform, the students depicted the changing fashion trends while providing a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The Project Challenges


Integrating AR into Books

The creators wanted to combine traditional and modern modes of communication in order to show a seamless evolution from book to AR. Hence they were looking for ways to integrate the same. Vossle presented a perfect solution by generating a QR code that could easily be printed on the traditional book while bringing the modern way of AR learning into action.


Finding an efficient way for AR

As a university, they had a limited budget to spend on the project. Hence, they were looking for a way to avail AR experience that fits into the budget without compromising on the quality of AR and the learning experience of the viewers. They found Vossle just the right fit for their requirement i.e. high-quality AR experience within their financial resources.


Bypassing Application Development

The University was also looking to bypass the AR application approach as it would restrict the number of people willing to access the experience. People don’t want to splurge on their precision mobile storage every time. Vossle Web AR experiences that run on web-browser did away with the need for application download and enhanced the wider reach of the AR experiences.

Vossle: A Simple, Easy, And Powerful AR Tool

Vossle is an easy-to-use AR platform that can use to create an AR experience and deploy it over online and offline platforms. That is why it was the perfect solution for university students looking to create an AR experience on their own and use it in their projects.

They just uploaded their 3D models, set the options as per their needs, and pressed Submit. The AR experience was ready in a minute. The Vossle platform gave them the URL link and a QR code to share experiences wherever they want. So, the students printed the QR code into the AR book and brought back memories of tradition and culture.

Vossle is a world-leading AR platform that makes AR development easy, fast, and accessible. It offers various features such as Markerless,  Marker-based,d, AR games, AR advertisement, and many others. Start creating your own AR experience today with our free registration.

Vossle Features Used in the Project


AR Tryon

Vossle AR tryon feature allows AR users to try fashion wear digitally. Students used this feature to let the audience try the accessories and other wearables that a traditional Taiwanese bride used to wear.


Face and Body Detection & AI

The AI-enabled Face and Body Detection feature of Vossle enabled seamless recognition and tracking of human faces and body parts. With this capability, digital content, such as bridalwear, could be flawlessly overlaid onto users. The AI technology accurately identified the specified body parts, ensuring a seamless and immersive AR experience.


Markerless AR

The markerless AR experience by Vossle enabled the creation of an immersive AR experience that can be placed anywhere in the real world. such as the experience showing the ancient church. Without the need for physical markers, users could simply point their devices toward the desired location, and the AR church would seamlessly blend into their surroundings. 

The Outcome: Unveiling Taiwan's Cultural Heritage through AR:

The AR book, showcased at the prestigious Taiwan Design Research Institute Event, captivated attendees as they witnessed Taiwan’s Cultural Treasures come to life through Vossle AR. This remarkable achievement offers a gateway to a vibrant world of knowledge and exploration, appealing to seasoned travelers and curious explorers alike.

The results – 

  • 9X increase in university visitors

  • 82% Engagement rate showcasing the strong level of interest and active participation by the viewers

  • 100K+ – The social media posts for the AR book received over 100K interactions combining likes, shares, and comments.

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