Month in AR - May

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AR for Jewelry: Tanishq Jewelry Tryon

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Objective: To enable Virtual Try-on of new Tanishq jewelry.

Vossle Feature: Try-Ons

Industry: Jewelry

India’s biggest jewelry retailer, Tanishq, joined hands with Team Vossle to create their own virtual 3D jewelry for the launch of their new collection called ‘Polki’. The idea was to let people virtually try on the jewelry in real life using a camera-equipped device such as a smartphone.

Benefits for Jewelry Businesses by investing in Augmented Reality

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AR for Packaging: Gamified Experience for Food Brand

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Objective: To turn product packaging into an interactive customer experience

Vossle Feature: Markerless AR

Industry: Food

A leading food brand that produces chips collaborated with Vossle to add an AR-enabled QR Code on their packaging.

By scanning the QR code on the chips’ packet, the customers could experience the chips flowing outside in a fun way. The customers could avail 2GB of additional mobile data to engage with the AR experience that emerged from the chips packet.

Benefits for Packaging Brands by investing in Augmented Reality

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AR for Product Visualization: Product Introduction

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Objective: To demonstrate the value of a product with enhanced product visualization.

Vossle Feature: Markerless AR

Industry: Perfume

The client, a perfume brand, created a unique WebAR experience showcasing one of their perfumes packaging beautifully in AR.

The buyers can scan the packaging to trigger the 3D product visualizations of the perfume bottle with flower petals flowing around it.

Benefits for Perfume Brands by investing in Augmented Reality

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AR Gaming: Product Introduction

Objective: To increase customer interaction by creating WebAR Games

Vossle Feature: Games – Shooter

Industry: Gaming

This WebAR game is a basketball game that can be played in the browser. The player has to shoot baskets through the hoop with their finger.

Web-based Games take advantage of in-build browsers on smartphones to allow instant access to AR-based games from anywhere and at any time.

Benefits for Businesses by investing in Web Games

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AR for Travel: Teleport your audience to a new dimension

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Objective: To make books more interactive for kids 

Vossle Feature: Markerless AR

Industry: Travel & Education

The client created this fantasy land to make education fun for kids. With this experience, kids can turn 2-Dimensional image in their books into a 3 dimensional reality.

Benefits for Education Brands by investing in Augmented Reality

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AR for Entertainment: AR as a marketing tool to promote music

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Objective: To add a new dimension to Entertainment with AR

Vossle Feature: Markerless AR

Industry: Entertainment

The client created this experience to promote their music by bringing their lead guitarist to life for entertainment purposes. The intention here is to enable a “wow” factor with its audience.

Benefits for Entertainment Industry by investing in Augmented Reality