Marker-Based AR using Vossle


Develop captivating marker-based AR experiences with ease using AI-powered Vossle's advanced AR platform


Immerse your audience in interactive 3D experience by sharing the QR codes.


Gain valuable insights into user engagement, interactions, scans, and ROI to enhance your marker-based AR experiences.


Take your business to the highest level of success and growth outsmarting competitors.

Unleash the Power of AI-Driven
Marker-Based AR Experiences with Vossle

With Vossle’s cutting-edge platform powered by AI, you can create remarkable marker-based AR experiences that captivate and engage your users on a whole new level.

Bring your brand marker to life by simply uploading their 3D models to Vossle’s platform and leveraging the power of AI to enhance and optimize the outcome. Customize the settings to align with your objectives, and witness the transformative capabilities of AI as it elevates your marker-based AR experience.

Within no time, you’ll have a captivating marker-based AR experience ready to deploy, complete with a unique QR code that users can scan to unlock the magic. With AI-driven enhancements, your content will offer unprecedented levels of immersion and interactivity.

Effortlessly share the QR code with your audience, enabling them to access your AI-enhanced AR experience using their smartphones or tablets. Watch as your brand becomes the talk of the town, captivating both existing and potential customers with the immersive and interactive content AI has empowered you to deliver.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create extraordinary marker-based AR experiences empowered by AI. Explore the possibilities of Vossle’s platform today and elevate your brand’s engagement to new heights.

AR Examples

Embrace the Future of Interaction

Step into the future of augmented reality and transform the way users interact with your brand. Create unforgettable marker-based AR experiences that revolutionize the way people engage, connect, and explore.

Novelty and Engagement

Deliver a fresh and thrilling experience that keeps users immersed and coming back for more. Generate excitement and buzz around your brand with captivating marker-based AR experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Forge Lasting Connections

Make a lasting impact on your audience by providing marker-based AR experiences that inspire awe and foster a sense of community. Create memorable moments that users will share, remember, and cherish.

Create Immersive Marker-Based AR Experiences for a Global Audience

As per McKinsey, 2.7 billion deskless workers may be top adopters of immersive technology across the globe.

82 percent of US residents responded they would use AR and VR more often in the coming years.

Benefits of
Marker-Based AR Experiences

Welcome to the Future of Brand Interaction! Our revolutionary marker-based AR platform empowers you to create immersive experiences that seamlessly blend the virtual and physical worlds. Merge your digital content with the real-world environment of your users, offering an unparalleled level of engagement. Expand your audience, foster loyalty, and make a lasting impact.


Realistic and Engaging Experiences

Step into a world where virtual content seamlessly integrates into the real world, captivating users with stunning visuals and lifelike interactions. Vossle’s marker-based AR experiences push the boundaries of imagination, delivering breathtaking realism that transports your audience to extraordinary realms.

Active User Involvement

Break free from traditional forms of interaction and actively involve users in your marker-based AR experiences. Encourage physical movement, exploration of their surroundings, and interaction with virtual elements. Get ready to immerse your audience in dynamic and interactive gameplay that keeps them engaged and entertained.

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Brand Promotion and Engagement

Discover a new dimension of brand interaction through marker-based AR experiences. Captivate your audience with unique and immersive content that showcases your products or services in exciting ways. With gamified brand activations, marker-based AR experiences provide an innovative platform to engage users, leave a lasting impression, and foster brand loyalty.

Limitless Creativity

Unleash your creativity and design captivating marker-based AR experiences that defy imagination. Craft unique worlds, gamify your brand, and create unforgettable moments for your users. Let your imagination soar as you leverage the power of marker-based AR to leave a lasting impression.

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Growing List of Industries we cater to

Fashion & Clothing

Help your customers try out apparel and see if it goes with the style. Help them find the right match and save them from second thoughts.


AR jewelry for true-to-life dimensions and designs to give your customers a clear idea of the jewelry and make it easy for them to purchase.


Let the customers try out the watches on their hands to suit their fashion sense. Add AR functionality to your watches to beat the competition.

Home & Furniture

Place the furniture in their living room to check if its blends with the interior or fits into the place.


Teleport them to the tourist destinations right from their bedrooms. Give them an AR tour of your place and make them crave a visit.


Add the AR factor to your entertainment services be it gaming, music, or videos. Immersive entertainment outclass all other forms of entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of top FAQs related to the Marker-Based AR experience to clear all your doubts. If you still have questions feel free to ask us.

Marker-based AR experiences utilize predefined visual markers, such as QR codes, fiducial markers including brand markers such as logos, products, or packaging, to anchor digital content in the real world. Users scan these markers with an AR-enabled device to unlock and interact with virtual elements superimposed on their physical environment.

Yes, Vossle’s AR platform offers powerful tools and resources to help you create your own marker-based AR experiences. With an intuitive interface and AI-backed capabilities, you can upload your assets, customize settings, and unleash your creativity to craft captivating marker-based AR content. All this in just under 1 minute.

Marker-based AR experiences utilize computer vision algorithms to recognize and track predefined markers in real-time. The device’s camera captures the marker, and the AR software overlays digital content onto it, creating an interactive and immersive experience.

Marker-based AR experiences can be accessed on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. Most modern devices come with built-in AR capabilities, allowing users to enjoy marker-based AR experiences without additional hardware.

No, marker-based AR experiences do not require specific markers or accessories. The predefined visual markers, such as QR codes, are easily scannable using a device’s camera, providing a seamless and natural interaction with the virtual content in the real world.

No Code

No need to write a line of code or to develop costly app.

No App Required

Build immersive, AR experiences without the need to install any App.

Easy to Use

Create an AR experience with just a few clicks.