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With Vossle WebAR Platform, we have created AR Experiences for several industries and here we are trying to showcase some of those. You can Experience these by scanning the QR Code using your smartphone’s camera or you can directly click on the link to access it.

Play Video about gucci-flora

Gucci Flora


gucci flora qr code
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Ponds Game


ponds qr code
Play Video about rockstar webar experience


INDUSTRY: Entertainment

Play Video about yamaha bike experience

Yamaha Bike Visualization

INDUSTRY: Automobile

bike autoparts qr code
Play Video about santa webar experience

Christmas Celebration

INDUSTRY: Entertainment

qr code for santa
Play Video about dance webar experience

Learn to Dance

INDUSTRY: Health & Fitness

girl fitness qr code
Play Video about redbull webar experience

Red Bull

INDUSTRY: Soft Drink

Play Video about ganesha webar experience

My Friend Ganesha

INDUSTRY: Marketing

ganesha webar experience qr code
Play Video about kbc webar experience


INDUSTRY: Entertainment

Play Video about solar system webar experience

Solar System

INDUSTRY: Education

qr code for solar system
Play Video about celebration webar experience

Festive Celebration

INDUSTRY: Marketing

qr code for diwali webar experience
Play Video about fitness webar experience

Exercise in AR

INDUSTRY: Health & Fitness

Play Video about jewelry webar experience

Tanishq Jewelry TryOn


tanishq qr code
Play Video about book webar experience


INDUSTRY: Education

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Jewelry TryOn

INDUSTRY: Marketing

tanishq qr code