Demo of Vossle Integration on an E-commerce Store

The US Furniture brand “Studio Homey” enabled Web-based Augmented Reality on their E-commerce store for their whole product line using Vossle. This enabled customers to view the furniture online in their actual environment while shopping, resulting in better customer experience.


Users can scan the code on their phone, hold it up to their room, and immediately view a 3D visualization of the furniture. It solves the common visualization struggle of customers on an online store.


It has proved beneficial for Studio Homey, a furniture eCommerce brand, as their customers can make quick and confident buying decisions. The customer has saved hundreds and thousands of dollars with reduced product returns.

In a Google survey, 6 out of 10 people said they want to be able to visualize how and where a product could fit into their lives.

Enabling AR on eCommerce store gives consumers an immersive experience, allowing them to have real-time interaction with products while still being in their real-life environment.

Increased conversion rates are one of the most notable advantages of Augmented Reality in eCommerce.

People are more likely to convert if they have a better idea of the product they are about to buy—all of which AR gives them.

There is a 94% higher conversion rate when interacting with AR-enhanced products.

Plug n Play

Vossle lets you create AR Experiences instantly for your products on your eCommerce store with the help of our plugins.



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