D2C Growth with Augmented Reality

From your imagination to reality

D2C Brands Best Placed To Use AR for Business Growth

31.94 Bn – Market estimate for Connected Packaging by 2027. Trillions of packages in homes/markets. 3.5 Bn Smartphones.

Communicate Brand Story Through AR Packaging

D2C is the new story as consumers demand experience more than product. Brand centric storytelling. Tell your users about your origin and journey. Drive Sales. Increase consumption frequency. Deliver contextually relevant info at points of purchase and consumption. 94% of US consumers are influenced by their trust in a brand. 60% of product decisions are made at the POS. 60% Building trust at POS is crucial

Convey your green agenda through your packaging to inspire positive impact

Show That You Care

Consumers are increasingly becoming environmentally conscious. D2C brands need to align with consumer sentiment. Probability of selling to happy customer is up to 14 times higher. Green Packaging Marketing is Expected to be $297 billion by 2024.

Visualize Products on eCommerce

Highly engaged customers buy 90% more frequently and spend 60% more per transaction. Digital -first D2C brands will become a $100 billion addressable market by 2025.

No Apps To Be Downloaded

Vossle Web Based AR Campaigns

Digital Packaging using Augmented Reality based Immersive Engagements and Artificial Intelligence based Interactions. High Consumption compounded with Lowest Attention Spans has made Immersive Technologies an obvious choice for brands.

Your Packaging Enables Full eCommerce Cycle Without Amazon Dependence

End to End Integration with eCommerce

Integration possibilities with Inventory Management and Logistics Tools. Brand story through Packaging with AR & AI. Brand story online with AR & AI. Online presence.