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What is Augmented Reality (AR) Product Visualization? Benefits of AR Visualization

augmented reality visualization

Which advancement in online shopping made your life easier?

For me, it was the ability to visualize furniture in real-time that retailers like Ikea and Pepperfry introduced on their websites.

As a person who relies on online shopping more than in-store, this solution made it much simpler for me to decide the best suitable furniture for my home. This is because viewing a product’s 360 helped me visualize it in real life.

This kind of visualization is credited to the amazing technology of Augmented Reality (AR).

So, what exactly is Augmented Reality?

AR refers to experiences in which a real-world environment is enhanced with digital elements such as images, text, and videos. Augmented Reality could be applied to both visuals of the front-facing (selfie) and back-facing (world) cameras.

There are two kinds of AR – 

By employing Web AR, brands can quickly turn their whole product line into incredibly lifelike digital models that customers can visualize in their real-life environment. This is what we call AR Visualization

Now that our basics are sorted, let’s dive deeper into all the knows and hows of AR Visualization!

How AR Visualization is simplifying the way we shop 

Shopping online can be an alienating experience because it lacks the feel one gets when touching and seeing a product in a brick-and-mortar store. Interacting with a product physically increases customer’s confidence and determines whether they will make that purchase or not.

Similarly, many retailers can avail Vossle AR to provide their customers with the luxury of viewing an online product in real life before purchasing it, hence encouraging quick decisions and increasing product sales. This is especially helpful for the ones shopping for sizable products online (like furniture) which is frequently difficult to picture in a real environment.

Customers desire to have a significant emotional connection to the products they purchase. By incorporating AR Visualization, a business is given a blank canvas to offer extra content like recipes, instructions, prizes, and more. Customers can connect with products through this supplemental information before they even buy them.

Let’s look at some advantages of AR Visualization that particularly make this Feature shine!

Notable Benefits of AR Visualization

1. Use AR Visualization to lower products return rate by offering informed purchases

Product returns cost an average loss of about 3.8% in profits per company.

2. Convert visitors into customers by simplifying the shopping experience with AR Visualization

Interacting with products that have AR experiences leads to a 94% higher conversion rate.

3. AR Visualization is extremely easy to create and implement in your business

4. Widely preferred by GenZ to simplify online shopping

83% of Gen Z viewers want a worthwhile shopping experience.

5. A technology that can be leveraged as an excellent marketing tool

By now, you know that AR has the potential to be exceptionally effective in this ever-growing competition to stand out. Something as unique as AR can serve as your company’s USP and even help you connect to your clientele a lot better.

Vossle’s Inline AR- an innovative way to implement AR Visualization

Imagine your customer is checking out a product on your website and they’re able to instantly visualize it in their home- all without taking any extra steps! Sounds like a complicated process to implement, right? Fret not, Vossle has made it extremely easy for you. 

With Vossle’s Inline AR, users can experience Augmented Reality while they are scrolling through a website. Any website owner can embed 3D AR experiences on their web pages to offer seamless visualization of any product in real-settings.

Inline AR eliminates the additional steps users typically take such as scanning a QR Code. They can simply come across any Inline AR Experience while scrolling on the web and start engaging with it. 

When anyone comes across something as unique as the Inline AR Feature on any website, they tend to engage more with the AR Experience and spend a longer time interacting with that website’s content.

The rise of AR among internet consumers 

Like me, countless others have found AR Features such as Visualization and Virtual Try-on a boon to online shopping. Don’t take it from me, the figures speak for themselves!

In the coming years, more and more people will be adopting AR. In fact, around 75% of the world’s population and nearly all smartphone users will be undergoing AR experience frequently by 2025.

Credit goes to the fact that more platforms such as Vossle are emerging that make utilizing AR easy and efficient. People can now create AR experiences in just a few minutes, without having to install any application, or even have any coding experience. 

The promising outcome of implementing AR in your business

Including AR components such as Visualization and Virtual Try-on plays a crucial part in boosting sales in this age of technology and rigorous competition.

“94% of the users interacting with the products through AR experiences end up purchasing the product.”

Marketers can unlock a wide array of opportunities as AR has become more accessible instead of undervaluing the potential of this powerful technology. 

Augmented Reality is one of the most cost-efficient technologies. If you adopt AR, worrying about large inventories, the cost of creating the goods, the capital to set up a physical store, and so many more such problems will be a thing of the past.

No wonder this technology has been embraced by several industries to strengthen their brand image. This includes industries such as real estate, education, and eCommerce. The list goes on and on.

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