Vossle v1.8: Chat GPT Integration with Vossle AR

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Vossle has integrated AI-driven Chat GPT as its latest feature. This one-of-a-kind integration is an evolutionary step towards popularising Augmented Reality by making it faster and easier. 

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What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the futuristic technology that infuses intelligence into machines. It simulates human intelligence processes to bring new capabilities into machines such as speech recognition, computer vision, natural language translation, and much more. 

What is Chat GPT?

ChatGPT is an AI-driven tool that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand human language and produce results accordingly. 

Vossle uses its image generation component wherein Vossle users can write their requirements in the English language and the AI tool will generate, an image on its basis.

Benefits of Vossle with Chat GPT: Ease and Speed

The integration of Chat GPT into Vossle makes it even faster and easier. The tool is capable of producing images of any kind, real or abstract, in a matter of seconds that otherwise will take hours to create. Plus, it is super easy to use.

All you need is to just describe your image requirements in the chatbox. 

The AI will read the description understand it and produce multiple different images that match the input.

You can choose the one that fits your requirement and goals and upload it into the final AR experience. 

Easier… Faster… Better

3 steps on how to use ChatGPT in Vossle?

Step 1: Describe your image requirements.

Step 2: AI will produce multiple different image options. Click the best image to select it.

Step 3: Finish creating your experience and submit it. 

Your experience is ready with the desired image.