Vossle releases v1.5 with Inline Augmented Reality for SEO

vossle september 22 update
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Vossle has released its latest product version (v1.5) with the feature to embed Augmented Reality (AR) experiences into any website to make it more intuitive for users thereby improving SEO parameters and hence making the website rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing.

The idea behind it is simple and innovative. Users can now experience Augmented Reality while they are scrolling through the website content. With this Vossle update, we are giving digital content creators the ability to embed Face Filters or 3D AR experiences on their web pages.

This is a live demo of Vossle’s Inline AR in a blog talking about AR Virtual Glasses. While reading the blog a user can instantly experience a face filter with 3D glasses in real-time. All this without leaving the website, imagine the opportunities it opens up.

Benefits of Vossle’s Inline Augmented Reality Feature

  • Increased Session Duration

    When users are presented with AR content, they tend to spend more time engaging with the experience out of curiosity. Now, this directly implies that they will be spending more time on the website. More time spent on a website = Better search ranking = Increased revenue generation
  • Enhanced User Experience

    We have strategically launched Vossle’s Inline AR feature keeping in mind that Google’s algorithm has consistently taken the user experience into account. SEO Professionals & SEO Agencies can integrate Inline AR into the website’s content to achieve a higher ranking, and retain more customers.
  • Innovative Advertising

    Consider the scenario where a website displays an advertisement that users can interact with. An instantly appealing, distinctive, and captivating ad is what Vossle’s Inline AR does to entice users. They start to engage with the AR content and hence are more likely to click on it. This generates more monetary value for the product & services being advertised. More user interaction with the product results in greater recognition and subsequently higher revenue.
  • Fast AR Content Loading

    For any SEO strategy, it is crucial to keep page load time as low as possible because no user likes to wait long for a landing page to load. Now, webmasters might think that adding interactive AR features will increase load time.

    This is not the case with Vossle’s Inline AR Feature.

    Our team has kept the code light, meaning the iframe will not add additional load time to your webpage. Therefore, users interact with unforgettable AR experiences at blazing-fast speeds.

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