How Augmented Reality is Changing the Food Industry?

ar for food industry
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Benefits of AR to customers

Augmented reality has completely changed the customer experience in this new era. Since most of customers opt for online platforms to shop from, AR helps the customers to view a particular product in the form of a model.

This way the customer is able to perceive a better insight as well as interact with the product. It gives the customer a chance to evaluate how it will fit with their lifestyle.

According to reports, 61% of customers prefer to shop with sites that provide AR technology to them. AR not only helps in making the customer experience engaging but also presents them with numerous choices before they purchase anything.

Modification and customization involve offering the customers various colors, patterns, designs, textures, and much more which can be delivered through augmented reality. Exploring and understanding the product with AR will make it very immersive and interactive for the customers instead of going through the instructions manual. This way the customer’s interaction and engagement with the brand will increase. 

Augmented Reality for Food Delivery

AR technology is a unique and interesting approach when it comes to supporting and empowering eat-outs, restaurants, and other vendors in the food industry. Augmented Reality can be used in various situations from well-organized staff training to improving the customer experience.

According to a report published by Research and Market in 2021, AR is highly capable of transforming various industries including the food industry as well. 

The food service industry can take the advantage of AR by providing its customers with a menu that can come to life when scanned through their mobile phones. This feature of AR can also be used for the presentation of dishes as well as the promotion of the restaurant’s menu.

Bareburger is a successful burger chain that used AR in its menus such as onion rings or burgers.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced everyone to stay indoors thus making food delivery services far more popular than ever. The mouth-watering TV commercials of food that are shown make one crave it even more.

Why does that happen?

The visuals give realistic aesthetics which eventually leads to cravings. Before placing an order with a particular eat-out for delivery, the customers would wish to get a realistic image of what they are going to order.

AR can help in making this realistic and immersive for the customers. Not only will it satisfy the customer better but will also help in retaining them as this will build their trust in the brand. AR can also help in customization.

The customers can be shown what the food will look like and they can add or remove ingredients according to their wish. There are some customers who are very much concerned about the source of their food. With the help of AR, the customer can be shown the source of food production. In the case of seafood, they can be shown how and from where their fish was caught. 

Benefits of AR to Restaurants 

AR has proved to be a transforming opportunity for many businesses including the food business. Restaurants are very quick in catching up with the new trends, AR is the next new big thing for them. AR is beneficial for restaurants not just in terms of customer engagement but also because of its pocket-friendly nature.

Restaurants can use AR in their menus where all the dishes will be shown to the customers which will make it easier for them to decide what to order. The presentation of dishes in an interactive and immersive manner with the help of AR will not only help in maintaining the good reputation of the restaurant but will also help in the productive engagement of the customers.

Here the productive engagement of the customer can lead to the vast promotion of the restaurant. If the customer interacts and actively participates in the whole process of going through the AR menu, this means that it is helping to develop their interest in future engagement with the restaurant.

A happy and satisfied customer is the biggest asset of any business no matter which industry they are functioning in. Such customers help in mouth publicity as well as continue their engagement with the restaurant.

As far as customization with the help of AR is concerned, this feature will help the customer in getting what they actually what. Through this feature, they will have a choice of customization of the meals such as adding or removing particular ingredients according to their tastes and preferences. 

Order Customization with AR

The adoption of AR by various industries is quite common because of its immersive nature. By using AR, brands can enhance their customer experience and engagement. Customization will also help in earning the customer’s trust as well as loyalty.

The Chanel Paris store provides its customers with a personalized shopping experience. It helps in delivering cutting-edge retail experiences with a focus on customization with the help of AR.

It is not only limited to this. Another big brand GOAT which is known worldwide for its authentic sneakers has decided to launch a new feature known as the TRY ON feature with the help of AR.

Now as far as the food industry is concerned, they have a better scope and bigger market to capture. Food customization is quite a trend in the restaurant industry.

One of the biggest examples of this is Chipotle which started this trend where the customers would pick their burrito ingredients behind the counters from the employees. This helped them in increasing their sales in the US from 11.6% to 17.55%. Many other restaurants followed their customers with multiple sauce options which allowed customers to have more control over the items on the menu.

Such restaurants like Burger King and McDonald’s have adopted the ‘Have it your way’ concept. Customization in other words plays with the psychology of the customers and gives them a sense of belongingness.

In general, the process of customization actually refers to the customer combining their own ideas and preferences and giving them a personal touch.

When it comes to food, most people enjoy those meals better which gives them a familiar taste. Customization helps the customer to achieve the familiar taste, thus helping in retaining them for a long. 

How does Vossle contribute to this?

AR is gaining momentum each day and has received a lot of encouragement because of the pandemic. As people cannot step out of their houses, they want everything from the comfort of their homes.

But when it comes to food, they are always concerned about ordering the one they were not satisfied with later because they had limited options to explore that particular food item such as not knowing what it looks like.

All these uncertainties discourage them depend on ordering food. But if the restaurant uses AR for their delivery menus as well as the dine-in menus, they will have better-satisfied customers.

Even dine-in customers would wish to see what their food looks like and add or remove a few ingredients according to their preference. You can enjoy the features of AR with Vossle through your smartphone.

The setup of AR with Vossle is quite easy. You can easily set up without coding and or involving highly professional gadgets. We at Vossle ensure that the process of setup and application is hassle-free and user-friendly.