Tanishq utilizes Vossle’s 3D Try-On feature for its launch in Metaverse

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In its pioneering endeavor, Tanishq explored the possibilities with the modern technological trends to reach out to prospective consumers.

India’s biggest jewelry retailer held the first metaverse conference in the country to launch its latest polki-based wedding jewelry collection, Rivaah. 

Tanishq collaborated with Adfactors PR as its media partner and Queppelin as its technology partner for the event.

The launch was attended by renowned dignitaries and journalists including Tanishq’s CEO, Ajoy Chawla in their virtual 3D avatars. Mr. Chawla launched the collection and addressed the journalists in the metaverse gathering. 

Augmented Reality, the Bridge to the Metaverse

Tanishq utilized the 3D try-on feature of Queppelin’s Vossle platform to offer tryouts of the Polki collection.

The feature allowed the visitor to wear the virtual 3D replica of the collection through AR filters. Thus, the user can get a clear idea of how a particular piece of jewelry would look once it is worn in reality.

The event saw interoperability between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality components of the metaverse. Participants of the virtual gathering can try the showcased digital jewelry through the AR filter. They have to scan the code placed next to the jewelry in the metaverse. The link will open to an AR filter for the front camera of their smartphone showing the virtual jewelry on the user’s reflection on the screen.

What is a Try-on feature?

A virtual try-on feature is one of the most remarkable features of AR technology. It allows the user to try out virtual wearables like clothes, shoes, jewelry or accessories, etc.

The user has to access the AR filter through a URL or a QR code. The camera will open up with the AR Tryon filter overlaid on it. The user has to point it towards them or any other person who wants to try out the wearable and see if it does the needful.

The filter can be used for any product before one decided to buy it (Try-before-you-buy) by just utilizing the smartphone. With Vossle’s Web AR Service, one does not need to download any app to access the filter.