Introducing Vossle Face Detection and Tryons

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Harness the power of Vossle WebAR to create ready-to-launch Tryon features with no coding

I’m highly excited to announce that Vossle has now launched Face detection and Tryon features.

Today, Vossle is rolling out its version 1.2. With this, we will power Tryon features on a human face. You can instantly create these real-time and interactive tryons using the Vossle dashboard. 

Vossle web-based face detection allows anchoring any 3D models on the human eye, ear, nose, or head. The face mesh created by our core engine allows users to create tryons such as sunglasses & other eyewear Tryon or fun experiences that are unique.

The AR Tryon experience opens with the front camera of your mobile in selfie mode. This is where Vossle detects facial features and overlays the Tryon on them. 

Vossle face tracking tryons work on both android & iPhones and cover more than 3 billion smartphone users globally. Users can instantly start accessing these on the web without downloading any apps. Moreover, businesses can create these tryons for users in under a minute without requiring to do any coding.

With our face tracking and Tryon platform, users would be utilizing the concepts of Artificial Intelligence-based facial feature detection and 3D rendering. 

In its previous version (1.1) Vossle had improved its image tracking significantly eliminating the requirements of any borders on the marker images. This allows companies to convert their packaging & labels into AR markers which users can scan to see unique WebAR experiences. 

In version (1.0) Vossle had introduced world tracking (markerless) and Image tracking (marker-based) Augmented Reality on the web. This allowed businesses to create smashing marketing campaigns and product visualizations without any coding.

Additionally, these could be experienced by users on their mobile browsers themselves eliminating the need to install any apps. 

Try it out for yourself