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Introducing Vossle – An Augmented Reality (AR) Experience Creation Tool

Vossle is the next-generation WebAR experience creation tool. It is a no-code platform that creates augmented reality experiences in under a minute. Now make your brand’s impact felt to the 3 billion smartphone users globally. Moreover, users do not need to install any apps to experience augmented reality on Vossle.

Augmented Reality(AR) brought a significant revolution in the industry of immersive reality technology. However, there was a lot to be desired to make it frictionless from a development point of view. Creating an AR experience was expensive and time-consuming. Most of the businesses could not afford to launch an AR experience as a part of their brand marketing campaigns. Additionally, AR was not realizing its true potential due to the need for the user to install an app to view it.   Every iteration meant changing a lot of source code. Vossle provides a solution to both these problems.

Vossle is a do it yourself, SaaS platform to help your business create an enriching AR experience in under one minute. It provides a ready-to-use interface for anybody without the need for professional developers. Vossle is helping to democratize AR for everyone to create and experience. As an AR experience creator, you only need to have a 3D model (for markerless AR) or a marker image along with it (in the case of marker-based AR).

Why should you use Vossle WebAR for your brand?

WebAR for Marketing Campaigns: Many brands are rapidly adopting AR as an integral part of their marketing campaigns. AR is making the marketing and advertising efforts increase multifold, but the surprising and new ways it offers to discover a brand is unparalleled. Innovative formats for creating ads, especially popularized by Instagram and Snapchat in recent years, are piquing these platform users’ interest more than ever before. Direct-to-consumer (D2C) companies already have a certain amount of budget allocated to be invested in innovative marketing campaigns. Vossle can help you achieve just that by making it extremely easy to build a rich and enthralling WebAR experience. 

What are the benefits of using Vossle?

Vossle is simple, fast, user-friendly, and stands to the claim of one-minute AR. It is the future of WebAR, considering the wide variety of object designs it offers. The benefits of using Vossle are many, but let us list a few : 

How is Vossle different from other similar platforms?

Before Vossle, similar platforms required a heavy amount of coding and hiring developers for creating the AR experience. Moreover, finding AR developers can be a daunting task. A retail store owner would not want to go for a platform that he does not know how to use without a developer.

Vossle democratizes the creation of AR experience by brands. Anybody with or without a coding experience can adopt the usage of Vossle to make the impact of his business felt combining AR with the traditional methods of marketing.

What the future holds!

Vossle can currently be widely used to create engaging marketing campaigns, product visualizations, and interactive educational classes. Along with this, we are fast evolving the platform and launching new features soon.

The only question remains how quickly you want to grow your brand’s outreach because AR is the next big thing, and Vossle will play an integral role in shaping its future. If you want your brand to grow with AR’s help, Vossle can help you do not only that but take care of each step in the business and customer journey of the product. 

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