Vossle Release v1.7: AI-powered Wrist Try-Ons launched

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Vossle adds Wrist Try-On as its latest feature to add more value to its users’ AR creation journey. The unique and rare functionality gives our users a true-to-life digital trial experience for all sorts of wristwear, straight from their smartphone.

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AI-Based Wrist Detection

We have trained Vossle’s AI engine to detect human wrists in all their shapes, colors, and textures and place digital models for a range of wristwear accurately over them.

Users just need to place their wrists in front of the camera of their smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and the Wrist Tryon feature will place the specified 3D model of the wristwear on their hand.

How does Vossle’s Try-On experience outsmart other AR-based trials in the space?

While other companies take a long and tiring route to digital trials involving multiple steps such as

  • Upload your picture (a privacy nightmare)
  • Long processing time
  • AR overlay

Or, even longer, 

  • Application download specifically to try on the product before you start following the above steps for AR overlay

We have made the process short, direct, and fast to address these pain points. Hence, saving time and safeguarding your private data.

The Vossle Advantage

With Vossle, there’s no need to take photos or download an app.

Just try it with a click!

How to create a Wrist Tryon?

Subscribers can create the try-on by signing up on the Vossle platform

  1. Click on “Create AR”.
  2. Select the Tryon tab.
  3. Select Wrist Tryon.
  4. Fill in the details and upload the 3D model of the ring.
  5. Click Submit.

Once the experience is ready, a unique link and a QR code will be generated. The customer can use these to make AR accessible to their user base.