Release V1.3: Green Screen Chroma Key Videos

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New feature releases always get me excited. Today, we are adding yet another feather in the cap for Vossle in its version 1.3 release and launching Green Screen Chroma Key compatible web augmented reality.

See an example below: 

You can scan the following QR code from your smartphones to experience this:

Or go to

Chroma keying is a visual effects technique which layers two video streams together based on color hues (chroma range). This is used to remove backgrounds and keep only the subject in a video. Chroma key composting is extensively used in movies, newscasting, fashion/product shootings and video games. The same technique can now be used to create smashing WebAR experiences in Vossle. 

Simply put, you can now put a green screen background in your video to make it transparent when your users view it on Vossle WebAR. 

Just upload your video in mp4 format with a chroma key layering/background in green. Enable background removal while uploading on Vossle and that’s it. Your own Marvel like experience is ready!

Vossle can consume chroma key videos created in any of the following ways:

  1. A 3d software like Maya or Blender can be used to render a video with green background.
  2. A screen with contrasting color can be used as background while recording a video to make selecting unused area easy and then can be removed using a VFX software as Premiere pro or After effects.
  3. Rotoscoping can also be used to mask elements from scenes which are rich in colors and cannot be selected with a color selection key. VFX softwares such as Adobe Premiere pro or After effects may be used for this.

Hope you enjoy creating WebAR experiences with Vossle. And if you need any help we are always available at

Onwards and upwards.