Why WebAR should be part of your marketing plan?

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Web AR for Increased Engagement

Augmented Reality, when used correctly with proper strategic planning can be an incredibly useful technology to attract customers and increase brand engagement. According to research by Deloitte, most of the mid-market companies already have started with their experiment with AR in order to improve user experience

The global AR market is expected to reach about $75 billion by 2023. In this era of the 5G, individuals or customers have the leverage to look for alternatives and compare products online and find the deals which suit them with just a few clicks. The presence of such a diversified market has led to cutthroat competition amongst marketers. They need to look for the most efficient ways and tools to attract and retain customers.

Web AR in marketing is an interactive way for customer engagement.

Various people leave their shopping carts on e-commerce apps simply because they are uncertain and are unable to predict how it will look. They feel whether the product will meet their expectations or not. 

Their inability to try the product leads to their indecisiveness and uncertainty towards the purchase of that particular product. With the help of Web AR, this certainty can be eliminated as it will enable the customers to virtually try the product and match it with their expectations.

Wider Reach with WebAR

Web AR is a uniquely designed technology to help brands differentiate their products in front of customers whenever they are searching through the digital catalog. WebAR technology makes it possible for Augmented Reality based experiences to be accessible on mobile devices without any app downloads, making the purchase experience more personalized.  

Following are some of the reasons to include Web AR in the marketing plan

  • Customer engagement wherever they are

    The interactive and immersive nature of Web AR results in customers investing a significant amount of time with the brand. This leads to increased recall in the brand along with productive involvement, turning the customers into active participants. According to a report from Accenture, 50% of the customers would better recall the brands that regularly engage them with immersive technologies and 47% say immersive technologies make them feel more connected with the products.

  • More accessible with WebAR

    Today, most smartphones are capable of supporting a powerful augmented reality experience. WebAR technology has made it possible to fully utilize this opportunity and make augmented reality experiences more accessible to the customers via their inbuilt browsers. Almost 3 billion smartphones across the Android and iOS platforms support AR today. 

  • No app download required

    The installation of a separate app has been the biggest barrier when it comes to the adoption of AR in the marketing plan. Web AR is a permanent solution for this problem as the customers will only have to click on a link or scan a QR code through their smartphones. This will direct them to the AR experience through their phone’s browser, therefore eliminating the need for a separate app.

  • Blends with existing marketing mix

    Web AR is browser-based due to which it can be easily integrated into all parts and aspects of the brand’s marketing plan. The distribution of Web AR links through the email newsletter, SMS, or push notification. The QR code can be displayed on the television or can be printed on the packaging.

One such example of Web AR as a part of a huge campaign is the experience created for Sony Pictures. Trigger- The Mixed Reality agency created a tabletop version of the film ‘Jumanji- The Next Level’ in their space with various scenes from the movie in 3D which can be explored by the audience. 

Make your Marketing Immersive

Augmented reality can help the customers in establishing a more emotional and empathetic connection. It is common for brands these days to see augmented reality as a good and interactive marketing tactic. AR has delivered unique interaction with the customers and also empowered brands across all sorts of industries to connect with the next generation of users.

The fundamental factor of AR in connecting with the customers is its immersive and interactive characteristics. This has proved to be a real game-changer for various brands. The year 2021 marks the point where it becomes an integral part of the marketing strategy. According to the figures, by the year 2024, the global AR market is expected to grow significantly from $13 billion this year to more than $67 billion.

The AR technology is gradually alleviating from being solely used for entertainment purposes to providing game-changing immersive marketing techniques to the brands. The pandemic has inevitably changed how customers indulge in various brands. The customers have definitely changed their approach towards the products and services provided by the brands. 

Try Before You Buy with AR

E-commerce websites have experienced significant growth because of the ‘Try Before You Buy’ concept. This allows shoppers to try the products before purchasing them and is the closest experience to actually trying them. 

The best part about this concept is that the users are able to avail this facility from the comfort of their homes. AR has been embraced by e-commerce shoppers. 

According to AdTaxi’s 2018 Online Shopping and Technology Survey, 10% of the respondents have used an AR app for a try before they buy experience, and 67% would never shop in-store for clothes if AR made that possible. According to another report by Digital Bridge and noted in The Drum, ‘42% of shoppers think using AR would make it easier for them to make a decision and shorten the time between browsing and final purchase’. 

This model also helps in reducing the cost of returns. Now with AR, the customers will have clarity when buying the product thus leading to a reduction in the returns made by them. 

Communicate with Customers through AR

Communication with customers is necessary for every brand. This way the brands will be able to cater to the customer’s needs. Now for that to happen the brands have to clearly communicate about what all they can offer to their customers. 

When all this is done with the help of AR, the customer feels a sense of belongingness with the brand as it will provide them with immersive and interactive experiences. Providing the customers with various templates according to their choices and preferences will build their trust in the brand which will result in retaining them in long run. 

The customers will continue their engagement with the brand if they make them feel that their needs and expectations are understood properly. 

Here are some excerpts from various reports on AR –

  1. According to a report from Mobile Marketer, retailers are slowly adopting AR in the buying process.
  2. 71% of the customers say they would shop more often if they used AR
  3. $18.8 billion was spent worldwide on AR in 2020
  4. 100 million customers used AR to shop in 2020
  5. 67% of advertising agencies say they are making more use of AR
  6. 70% of customers from 16 to 44 years of age are aware of AR

 Setting up Web AR with Vossle

Vossle is a next-generation Web AR tool that requires ‘No Coding’ and helps businesses in the creation of web-based augmented reality experience in just one minute. The user won’t have to install any separate apps to experience AR with Vossle. 

No doubt, AR has bought a great deal of change for various industries because of its immersive nature. But it was very time-consuming and expensive for brands to develop AR experience. Most of the brands could not afford to make AR a part of their marketing plan because its creation and installation were very expensive and required high maintenance. This is the problem that Vossle plans to solve through its platform.

In the past, if a person wanted to experience AR, they had to install a separate app which was considered a hindrance Vossle is a Saas platform that will aid your business in the creation of an immersive and interactive AR experience. 

There will be no need for professional developers separately as the whole interface will be provided in a ready-to-use package by Vossle. 

There are various benefits of creating Web AR experiences with Vossle

  • Browser-based AR experiences

    Vossle creates web-based AR experiences which makes it easy for the user to experience Augmented Reality directly through a web browser on their smartphones. Explaining the special features, creating demos improving brand engagement, all of this can be done with the help of Vossle as the interface provided by us is user-friendly.

  • No code platform

    Vossle is a simple drag and drop platform which has made it easier for its users, as it does not require any sort of coding to be done by developers. They can add their 3D models and get a WebAR Experience in the form of a ‘Link’ or ‘QR Code’ which can be added to their website or any online & offline brand assets.

  • Increased sales

    Vossle will help you stand out in this crowded digital space. AR is a technology that businesses are still thinking about experimenting with and brands that are have already implemented it have seen an increase in their brand value. The impact that AR creates when used correctly is enormous on the audience. It can completely change how the customers perceive the brand and its services. 

Vossle can help in creating immersive and engaging marketing campaigns which will prove to be very fruitful for the brands in the long run. Creating WebAR Experience with Vossle is an easy and hassle-free process. 

We at Vossle not only provide you with an immersive and interactive AR experience but will also help you with your smooth and satisfying customer journey.