11 Benefits of Augmented Reality (AR)

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Definition of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) refers to experiences in which a real-world environment is enhanced with digital elements such as images, text, and videos. Augmented Reality could be applied to both visuals of the front-facing (selfie) and back-facing (world) cameras.

The AR market was only worth $1 billion in 2016 and now, it is expected to be worth over a whopping $18 billion!

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of Augmented Reality that have led to its enormous popularity.

11 Benefits of Augmented Reality (AR)

AR helps Lower Product Return Rate

Product returns cost an average loss of about 3.8% in profits per company.

  • Customers can learn a lot more about a product through AR Experiences more than they could from a static image or even a video. AR Virtual Try On & AR product demos allow the users to try-on products while shopping online.
  • As a result, Augmented Reality technology aids in the combat against high return rates, one of the major issues that eCommerce businesses face. AR does so by enabling customers to make informed purchases, which in return helps businesses to increase profitability.

Convert Visitors into Customers with Augmented Reality Experiences

Interacting with products that have AR experiences leads to a 94% higher conversion rate

  • Attracting visitors to your website is crucial, but the main work starts after that. After arriving, you need to capture their attention, urge them to explore products, and ultimately convert them into paying customers. 
  • AR increases your website’s “stickiness”, meaning that potential customers who may leave immediately after they land on your website are intrigued to stay on the page and interact longer with the AR-enabled product experiences.
  • AR-enabled product experiences provide an immersive and engaging product experience that gives users a better idea of what they are viewing. With AR, people are more likely to convert into buyers. This ensures that new customers will boost your sales and existing customers will make more repeat purchases.
  • Further, reassure your visitors that they have come to the right place with AR. Provide an incentive such as a discount or a bonus right into the AR Experience to influence them to take an action.

Now you can embed AR Experiences directly on your landing page or product page with Vossle’s Inline AR commerce solution.

Web-based Augmented Reality is Easy to Implement

  • Implementing web-based AR on any browser is very easy with platforms like Vossle. You simply need to add the generated link or QR code of the WebAR Experience on your webpage.
  • Add a call to action in your Web-based AR Experiences to redirect your customers to a designated page (such as a shopping cart or discount page) after interacting with the experience.

AR is Preferred by Next-gen Shoppers

GenZ’s spending power has been estimated in the region of $262 Billion. As of 2020 GenZ represents over 25% of the US population and more than 60% of the Global Personal Luxury Market by 2025.

GenZ are conscientious consumers. GenZ regards online shopping as not just a transaction but a worthwhile experience. They don’t want the traditional 2D shopping experience, which leaves doubts regarding whether or not a product is right for them. They seek fun, creativity, interaction, and clear communication- everything an AR-enabled 3D experience offers.

  • 83% of Gen Z viewers want a worthwhile shopping experience. They particularly search for businesses that appeal to their desire to be innovative, offer an experience rather than just a service, and engage with customers in real-time.
  • AR-enabled 3D digital experiences deliver a powerful purchase incentive as consumers feel a deeper connection to the product.

Bring the Store to the Customer

  • Augmented reality is a cost-effective solution that allows businesses to bring their offering to the consumers by enabling AR Virtual Try-On, AR Product Visualization, and/or Gamified AR Experiences.
  • This is especially useful for people who don’t wish to frequently visit a store or struggle to visualize the best item when shopping online.
  • Hence, AR opens up a plethora of opportunities for people to digitize their whole business, especially for industries such as retail.

AR Visualization for Confident Shopping Decisions

“6 out of 10 respondents to a Google survey revealed they want to be able to visualize how and where a product could fit into their lives.”

  • At times online shopping leaves people unsure of what will fit them or their environment better in person. AR is a perfect solution to this issue! 
  • Give your customers the option to Visualize or Try On any digital product before buying it by enabling AR. It can be anything from clothes, furniture, automobiles, and jewelry. The list goes on and on.
  • Creating an inventory of the products in AR eliminates the need for traditional product photography and even models, hence saving businesses huge money in terms of special equipment, transportation, etc.
  • Product personalization goes hand-in-hand with AR Visualization. Businesses can allow their users to customize a product as per their needs while letting them visualize the same in 3D or in their real-life environment.
  • Creating an inventory of the products in AR eliminates the need for traditional product photography and even models, hence saving businesses huge money in terms of special equipment, transportation, etc.

One-up Over Your Competitors

In the present market, when numerous companies sell similar goods at similar prices, it is crucial to take steps to differentiate your business in order to attract customers. AR has the potential to be exceptionally effective in this ever-growing competition to stand out. Something as unique as AR can serve as your company’s USP and even help you connect to your clientele a lot better.

  • A simple AR-enabled QR Code printed on the packaging adds a whole new dimension to the product. In this unlimited space, brands can share vital product details, fun and gaming experience, the company’s story, and much more. This adds a “wow” factor to your product, making it stand out from competitors.
  • Consumers are increasingly becoming cynical about claims big companies make regarding their products in their run to be on the top. Embedding AR on the website or on packaging can benefit businesses by creating transparency and providing confidence to the customers by actually showing what they claim.
  • Brands strive hard to distinguish their image from other businesses. The ones that integrate cutting-edge technologies like AR with customer experience are not only improving their brand image but also ensuring customers they care about constantly working on the betterment of their experience.

Enhance Customer Experience & Satisfaction

  • AR technology empowers companies to understand customer preferences more clearly and develop their product lines based on demand.
  • For instance, with AR Features like Face Detection, Environment Detection, and/or Image Detection, customers can view how a product looks on them, what sizes might fit them, what a product looks like in their physical environment, and so much more.
  • When customers make confident buying decisions, it increases customer satisfaction and fosters brand loyalty which ultimately builds a long-term relationship between the customers and the business.

Provide Safe Learning Environment

  • AR enables employees to improve their skills in an authentic, secure training environment without having to worry about endangering themselves or costly equipment.
  • For instance, training on heavy machinery can be costly and risky. However, by using AR, trainees can practice with the virtual 3D machinery and know it inside-out before having to use it in actual operations.

AR Content has a Higher Potential to Go Viral

  • The human psyche dictates what we like for ourselves, we often share with others. Since people are more active on social media today than ever before, the likelihood of a good experience becoming viral instantly doubles when it comes to something as intriguing as AR experiences.
  • This is because AR offers people immersive content that they do not typically come across. Any AR Experience is really easy to share with others. Users are only required to share the link with anyone they wish to.

AR Analytics – Measure the Outreach & Engagement Level

  • A business can measure the outreach and customer engagement levels of the AR experience or campaign to make informed decisions.
  • See who engaged, measure the outreach, and also re-target those customers to encourage repeat purchases.
  • Platforms like Vossle enable marketers to easily determine how effective the AR content is with their users.


Converting website visitors into customers should be a top priority for all online marketers. Especially now since the shopping habits of consumers are evolving. Today, buyers see shopping as an experience, not just a purchase. They don’t want a boring online shopping process that leaves them guessing whether or not a product is right for them.

With AR embedded in websites, customers will be well-informed about the product even before heading to the store. This benefits not just online, but in-store purchases as well.

In my opinion, the advantages of AR will only keep on increasing as more businesses leverage Augmented Reality technology into their marketing strategies.

If you too would like to utilize AR in your business and elevate it to newer heights, get started with Vossle for free today, create an amazing WebAR experience in less than a minute and without any coding!