Benefits of AR in Entertainment

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Definition of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) refers to experiences in which a real-world environment is enhanced with digital elements such as images, text, and videos. Augmented Reality could be applied to both visuals of the front-facing (selfie) and back-facing (world) cameras.

What’s the one thing that comes to mind when we say AR? Entertainment!

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of AR is that this technology is entertaining. It lets you engage and immerse yourself in digital content like never before. Naturally, it makes sense that AR has lately emerged to have many positive effects on the entertainment industry.

AR in entertainment is not just limited to video games but also in music, television, magazines, and other venues. Businesses can efficiently retain their users and give them new levels of experience by using entertaining AR.

Advantages of Augmented Reality in the Entertainment Industry

Capture everyone’s interest- regardless of age!

Virtual images that overlay the real world never fail to captivate both children and adults. A favorable outcome is guaranteed if an entertaining event is enriched with augmented reality effects.

An excellent marketing tool to generate more sales

Augmented Reality (AR) lends entertainment a new dimension by interacting with individuals and merging the real world with the virtual one. 

In PR and marketing initiatives for motion pictures, television, and other media promotional campaigns, AR has been successfully assisting the entertainment industry.

For example – AR Experience created to market a reality show.

This experience is an example created on Vossle to illustrate how marketers can leverage AR to create a buzz around new products, events, services, etc. Be it a movie, show, or even music concert, you can create an AR of it with users which can be easily shared with their social groups to get a buzz started.

Immerse your crowd during live performances

A live performance with augmented reality effects delivers an unforgettable experience for attendees. With QR codes printed on the flyers or tickets, you can offer your audience a 3D view of anything associated with the event such as a trippy 3D backdrop, lyrics flying through the air, your holograph, and much more. 

Not only is this entertaining, but it also makes the live events so much more engaging for the audience. Especially since AR Experiences can be easily shared with others, your live audience in the show can see the experience for themselves and be intrigued to share it with others.

For example- AR Experience created of an artist’s lifelike 3D figurine for an event.

This experience is an example created on Vossle to illustrate how events can be made much more engaging, fun, and unique for the audience when they get the chance to interact with AR. An artist is seen here strumming the chords of his guitar. The audience can personally experience it, vibe with it, and easily share it with others.

Augment printed publications for more engagement

The advent of augmented reality technology has given print media like magazines and newspapers a new lease of existence. Reading is currently a popular pastime for older and more affluent people, but AR technology can make it more appealing for younger people.

AR also breathes fresh life into newspaper advertising, enabling them to provide a unique and attractive experience to consumers. Offer your audience the ability to scan a particular page from a magazine or an advertisement poster in order to augment the image and access additional information.

Create out-of-the-box promotional strategies 

Dropping some new tracks or launching a new show? Then promotions are in order and what better way to make it ten folds more engaging than by creating your own AR!

Are you planning to create a promotional video? Or sending goodie boxes? Or will you use the good old promotion organically through printed publications? Any advertising activity, whether digital or physical, can seamlessly incorporate augmented reality. 

You can create AR teasers of your upcoming launch and create a buzz before it is even launched. The ease of sharing AR Experiences with others only creates a win-win situation for you and your audience.

Utilize face filters to engage with your younger audience

Augmented reality is used as part of an indirect sales and marketing strategy. One of the best examples is the use of face filters. Every youngster has an affinity to use face filters such as makeup filters or just silly filters for fun.

Leveraging AR Face Filters as a marketing strategy will help you connect with Gen Z audiences like never before! Face filters still remain the most popular and effective forms of AR, mainly because they are fun and easy to share on social media, and it has proved time and again a great way to encourage word-of-mouth sharing and virality.

The fans of entertainment brands are utilizing face filters to take pictures and videos and share them with their own followers which spreads the word like wildfire!

For example, an AR Face Filter to create a buzz with Gen Z for an event.

The client created virtual try-on sunglasses around cricket (sports) events. The experience involved trying on a variety of funky, multicolored glasses, each dedicated to a team. The experience led to increased social media awareness and chatter among younger audiences.

Teleport your audience to a new dimension

Imagine giving your audience the ability to completely transform themselves in a whole new dimension. Sounds interesting, right?! It is, for you as well as for your audience. 

Through their phone screen, users can walk, explore, and turn 360 degrees with augmented reality technology. You can use AR to replicate a location in order to promote an event that takes place there and entice visitors to explore.

For example, AR Experience created for a fantasy land to transport the audience.

Vossle created this fantasy land to fulfill one’s imagination into a (virtual) reality. You can visit the greatest pieces on Earth or you can create your own out-of-this-world experiences!

Foster a long-lasting connection with your audience

Music is more than just compiling playlists of favorite songs to listen to. Personally, whenever I enjoy any music, I want to discover more about its origins- a trait that many follow..Leverage AR as a tool to offer your audience more than just music. 

You can include information such as lyrics of the song, makings of the song, your bio, trivia, and much more with just a click on a link. The more your audience knows about you and your assets, the better they are likely to connect with you. 

Enhance customer experience and satisfaction

AR technology empowers companies to understand customer preferences more clearly and develop their product lines based on demand.

For instance, with AR Features like Face Detection, Environment Detection, and/or Image Detection, customers can view how a product looks on them, what sizes might fit them, what a product looks like in their physical environment, and so much more.

When customers make confident buying decisions, it increases customer satisfaction and fosters brand loyalty which ultimately builds a long-term relationship between the customers and the business.

A one-up over competitors

In the present market, when numerous entertainment companies produce and promote similar content, it is crucial to take steps to differentiate your business in order to attract customers. In this increasingly fierce race to stand out, AR has the potential to be extraordinarily effective. Something as unique as AR can serve as your company’s USP and even help you connect to your clientele a lot better.

Brands strive hard to distinguish their image from other businesses. The ones that integrate cutting-edge technologies like AR with customer experience are not only improving their brand image but also ensuring customers they care about are constantly working on the betterment of their experience.

Collect key consumer insights with real-time analytics

A business can measure the outreach and customer engagement levels of the AR experience or campaign to understand the customer journey better and offer personalized and quality experiences.

See who engaged, measure the outreach, and also re-target those audiences to encourage deeper connection and promote sales.

Learn everything there is to know about your customers across all platforms and devices. You can understand the customer journey and increase marketing ROI with the help of Vossle Analytics.