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AR Tryons: Boost Your Sale by 200% with AI

AR tryons

Ever since its inception, the goal of online shopping has been to bring it closer to reality. Sadly, it is the area where it has struggled the most. The flat 2D images with little to no interaction, the hassle of finding the right product, and vague size charts have only made online purchases cumbersome. Ironically, the core concept of online shopping was to bring convenience to customers. No wonder many people still trust offline shopping over online shopping. But things are about to change now with AI-based AR tryons, and if you are into online sales, you better pay attention.

Thanks to these transformative technologies, the boundaries between online and offline shopping experiences are fading fast. With this smart assistant on the customer’s side, now is the time for a more personalized, true-to-life, and accurate online shopping experience.

Online shopping convenience is racing to a whole new level, and businesses like yours are revolutionizing how consumers engage with products and make purchase decisions. The result of all this is an up to 200% boost in business sales, as found out by Forbes.

As someone who has been in the AR industry for quite a while, we predict that the number is only the start. The rapid advancement that the AR industry has made in a considerably short amount of time is commendable. And with each advancement comes a better user experience, which enhances the purchase intent further.

Thus, in this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the profound impact of AI-based AR try-ons on sales across various industries. We will see their types, benefits, implementation strategies, and challenges. Also, we will share some success stories on how AR turned things around for various businesses. And lastly, we will discuss the promising future of AR in business.

AI-Based AR Try-Ons: The Best Online Shopping Assistance

AI and AR together create the best user experience that has ever been possible. AI, with its algorithms and data analysis capabilities, enables the accurate sizing and fitting of virtual products, while AR overlays these virtual products onto the real world, allowing customers to visualize how items look, fit, and feel when put on in the real world.

Hence, they provide the best assistance an online shopper could ask for. They make it easy for them to shop online. And if it is easy to buy, consider it sold.

With Vossle, the resulting AR tryons are easily accessible to the user. They can either click on the link or scan the QR code provided by the brand to access the experience. Or, businesses can make Vossle’s ground-breaking global innovation available to them i.e. embedded/inline AR experiences. These AR experiences run on websites as soon as the user lands on them.

Interestingly, users don’t need to download any applications or have a special device with them. These tryon experiences run on their web browser and are compatible across all popular devices, be they smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

The benefits of AI-based AR try-ons are manifold. First, they enhance personalization. AI algorithms analyze customer preferences and body measurements to recommend products that align with their style and fit preferences. This level of personalization not only enhances the customer experience but also increases the likelihood of successful purchases.

Second, convenience is redefined. Shoppers can virtually try on products from the comfort of their homes. There is no need for them to visit physical stores and try on numerous items. AI’s aggregated collection consists only of those products that match that customer’s liking and preference.

Thereby reducing unnecessary noise in the form of irrelevant and random suggestions and saving time. This convenience is particularly valuable in today’s fast-paced world, where time is a precious commodity.

The third benefit, and an important one for businesses, is that AI-driven AR tryons reduce product returns significantly. As per an article published on Bloomberg, consumers who use AR to try products virtually are less likely to return them. Similarly, various different studies found that AR-guided purchases reduce returns anywhere between 22 to 40 percent thanks to realistic 3D product visualization.

This is a huge number considering the total value to return in 2023 stood at a whopping $816 Billion, i.e. around 16.5% of the total sale in the year. Think of it like this, for every $1 billion sale you make, you incur $165 million in the form of returns. AR has the power to reduce it by 40%! that’s a lot of money saved.

AR helps users understand the product’s dimensions, its look and feel in the real world and facilitates sizing accuracy. This way, it minimizes the post-sale issue and dissatisfaction that leads to product return in the first place. And it is not only the cost that you are saving here, what is more important is the customer satisfaction and confidence in your brand that AR preserves, restores, and enhances.

Now, you might be wondering how you can get such amazing AR tryons for your business. This is what we will answer in the next section. Read on for enlightenment.

Get AI-powered AR Tryons for your business: With Vossle it’s Super Easy

Vossle allows its subscribers to create all popular AR tryons in just a few minutes. Users just need to sign-up on Click on the button “Create AR” and choose the tab “Tryon”. After that select from a wide range of AR tryon types available on Vossle, such as Watch tryons, Shoe tryons, Clothing tryons, and many others.

We will also discuss the different types of AR tryon in the next section. For now, let’s just focus on getting a tryon for you.

Once you have chosen the AR type, the Vossle platform will present you with some options and settings that you can use to create your AR tryon experience. One of which will be to use Generative AI to create an image for your AR tryon, if required.

Else, you can move on to upload your 3D model, adjust settings and choose suitable options, and in just a few minutes, your AR tryon will be ready. Ever thought that getting a high-quality AR experience would be such a piece of cake? With Vossle, it’s possible. You will get a link and a QR code for your AR tryon, share it on online or offline marketing platforms, and reach as many customers as possible.

Types of AI-based AR Try-ons: From Head to Toe

The application of AI-based AR try-ons spans various product categories, talking about their specific challenges and bringing sought-after benefits.

Shoe Tryons: Stepping into a New Dimension

A common challenge of online shoe shopping has long been the inability to get a better idea of its looks. The lack of information makes customers hesitant to make the final move. However, a solution has emerged with the advent of AI-powered AR shoe try-ons.

This advanced technology allows customers to virtually step into the shoes they are interested in and take a walk around to get a better idea of their look and style. 

Unlike static images, this immersive experience provides a much more accurate representation of the product. As a result, businesses are experiencing a noticeable reduction in return rates. 

Furthermore, customers are finding their confidence boosted in their purchasing decisions, leading to a significant upswing in sales. 

The integration of AI-powered AR try-ons is revolutionizing the online shoe shopping experience, effectively bridging the gap between the limitations of online shopping and the tactile experience of trying on shoes in-store.

Watch Tryons: Timepiece Trials Reimagined

The elegance and intricate watch design often prove challenging to convey through static images. This is where AI-based AR try-ons step in as a remedy.

The technology allows customers to virtually overlay watches onto their wrists, resulting in an unparalleled interactive experience.

Over and above the aesthetic, WTryons also facilitates customers’ understanding of how a watch complements their unique style and suits their wrist size.

As a result, businesses reap the rewards of improved decision-making by customers. This augmented confidence leads not only to a broader customer base but also to increased sales figures, shedding light on the potential of this pioneering approach.

Clothing Tryons: The Fabric of Virtual Confidence

The doubts around buying clothes online, such as the issue of their size, fit, and appearance, have made smooth customer experiences a challenge. But things are changing with AR Clothing Tryons.

Now, customers can virtually try on clothes, getting a feel for how the fabric hangs on their bodies and how it would look after they put it on.

This smart try-on experience lets customers confidently check and gives them more confidence in their online clothing choices. For your business, this means more people completing purchases and fewer abandoning their carts. These positive results come from the trust customers build with this personalized shopping approach.

Jewelry Tryons: Glistening Virtually, Glowing Authentically

The challenge of visualizing how intricate pieces of jewelry would materialize in reality was one of the unique hurdles of virtual jewelry shopping.

With AR tryons for jewelry, customers can vividly see the meticulous designs and observe how each jewelry piece complements their look.

This dynamic experience not only boosts the confidence of customers but also unlocks a realm of opportunities for businesses. Jewelers can embrace this technology to upsell, offering personalized options that elevate the value of each transaction.

Makeup Tryons: Enhancing Beauty Decisions

The beauty industry has seen a significant transformation with AI-based AR try-ons. Makeup brands like L’Oréal and MAC Cosmetics have introduced apps that allow customers to virtually apply different shades of makeup to their faces.

The AI-enabled facial recognition and color-matching algorithms help these apps provide realistic and personalized previews of how a makeup product will look on a customer’s skin.

This technology not only empowers customers to experiment with new looks but also minimizes the uncertainty associated with buying makeup online. Customers can confidently select products that match their skin tone and preferences, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction and reduced product returns. 

For businesses, this translates to increased engagement, customer loyalty, and repeat purchases.

Home Decor Tryons: Visualizing Interiors

Furniture and home decor businesses are adopting AI-based AR try-ons to revolutionize the way customers shop for their living spaces. 

IKEA, for instance, offers an app that enables customers to virtually place furniture items in their homes using their smartphones. This AR experience allows customers to see how different pieces fit and complement their existing decor.

By helping customers visualize the final result, businesses are able to drive sales, reduce returns due to mismatched styles, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Moreover, this technology bridges the gap between online browsing and the tactile experience of physically interacting with furniture, making the shopping journey more holistic and fulfilling.

Eyewear Tryons: Framing a New Perspective

Eyewear is another product category benefiting from AI-based AR tryons. Companies like Warby Parker and Ray-Ban have introduced tools that let customers virtually try on glasses.

These apps utilize AI-backed facial recognition technology to accurately map the glasses onto the customer’s face. This provides an interactive and accurate representation of how the frames will look on the users’ faces. 

The AI-led, highly personalized AR experience not only addresses the challenge of finding the perfect pair online but also boosts customers’ confidence. All of this leads to higher conversion rates and significantly lower returns.

Customers can explore various styles, shapes, and colors, ensuring that they make a well-informed decision that aligns with their personal style and facial features.

Hair Color Tryons: A Colorful Exploration

Hair color is a highly individualized choice; hence, the user experience should also be highly customized.

AI-based AR try-ons are helping customers make informed decisions and minimize the fear of regret while changing their hair color. Brands like L’Oréal and Garnier have developed apps that allow users to virtually experiment with different hair colors. AR overlays the chosen hair color onto the user’s image so that they can preview their potential new look before committing.

This level of engagement drives great interest in hair dye products while also establishing a sense of trust between customers and brands. Customers can confidently explore bold new hair color choices without hesitation and foster a sense of excitement about the transformation.

AI-based AR Tryons: Benefits to Your Business Growth

Implementing AI-driven AR Try-Ons in your business strategy is a game-changer. By seamlessly blending the virtual and physical worlds, AR Try-Ons offer customers an interactive and immersive experience, revolutionizing the way they engage with your products.

This innovative approach not only addresses common shopping hesitations, such as fit and style concerns but also brings a host of benefits that directly contribute to business growth.

Enhanced Customer Engagement and Loyalty

AI-based AR try-ons revolutionize customer engagement. They create immersive shopping experiences, forming emotional connections that foster brand loyalty. Unlike static online images, these dynamic interactions let customers virtually “try on” products in real-time, driving repeat purchases and expanding loyal customer bases.

Creating Deeper Connections

By providing unique and captivating shopping experiences, businesses can establish more profound relationships with their customers. These experiences go beyond mere transactions, allowing customers to engage with the brand on a deeper level.

This engagement leads to the development of brand loyalty as customers feel a stronger connection and emotional resonance with the business. As a result, they are more likely to make repeat purchases, further solidifying their commitment to the brand.

Dynamic and Personal Experience

The integration of AI-based AR try-ons introduces a revolutionary approach to customer engagement. Unlike traditional online shopping, where customers are limited to static images, AI-based AR try-ons offer a dynamic and interactive experience. Customers can virtually “try on” products, experiencing how they look and fit in real-time.

Emotional Bond with the Brand

This enhanced engagement taps into the emotional aspects of shopping, making the experience more personal and memorable. When customers can visualize how a product fits into their lives, it creates a stronger bond with the brand. This emotional connection becomes a cornerstone for building brand loyalty.

Driving Repeat Purchases

Furthermore, the memorable nature of AI-based AR try-ons encourages repeat purchases. When customers feel confident and satisfied with their virtual try-on experience, they are more likely to explore the brand’s offerings again. This reinforces loyalty and contributes to the growth of a loyal customer base.

Leveraging Social Media and Influencers

Social media is a linchpin in marketing strategies in today’s digital era. AI-based AR try-ons seamlessly integrate with this landscape, injecting dynamism into posts. Businesses can maximize their impact by partnering with influencers, who showcase AR capabilities. This interactive approach sparks curiosity, and user-generated content amplifies engagement, attracting new customers and driving sales.

Enhancing Social Media Strategy

The visual and interactive nature of AI-based AR try-ons makes them a perfect fit for social media platforms. Businesses can collaborate with influencers to showcase how their products look through AR try-ons. This approach generates excitement, engagement, and a broader reach, thereby attracting new customers and driving sales.

A Dynamic Element

Influencers, with their substantial following and ability to connect with audiences, play a crucial role in showcasing the capabilities of AI-based AR try-ons. Collaborations can involve influencers virtually trying on products using AR technology and sharing their experiences with their followers. This generates excitement and curiosity among their audience, leading to increased engagement.

Amplifying Engagement

The interactive nature of AR try-ons encourages users to share their own experiences on social media, creating a ripple effect. User-generated content further amplifies brand visibility and engagement. This approach not only attracts new customers but also drives sales through increased interest and curiosity in the brand’s products.

Data-Driven Personalization

AI-powered AR try-ons transcend virtual experiences by yielding invaluable data insights. Engaging with AR captures preferences, body data, and buying trends. Businesses harness this treasure trove for hyper-targeted marketing. Tailoring content based on customer profiles minimizes returns, elevates satisfaction, and drives conversion rates. This personalization fosters loyalty and higher customer engagement.

Unveiling Valuable Insights

AI-driven AR try-ons offer more than just a virtual experience; they provide valuable data insights. When customers engage with AR try-ons, the technology gathers data on their preferences, body measurements, and even buying behaviors. This data becomes a treasure trove for businesses seeking to enhance their marketing strategies.

Personalizing Customer Interactions

By analyzing this data, businesses can personalize their interactions with customers in a profound way. Marketing messages can be tailored to individual preferences, ensuring that customers receive recommendations that resonate with their style and needs. Product recommendations based on body measurements can lead to more accurate sizing suggestions, reducing the likelihood of returns due to incorrect fit.

Boosting Conversion Rates

This data-driven personalization not only enhances customer satisfaction but also contributes to higher conversion rates. Customers who receive tailored recommendations that align with their preferences are more likely to make purchases. This, in turn, leads to increased customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

Success Stories

The impact of AI-based AR try-ons on business growth has been striking. Numerous success stories highlight significant improvements in key performance metrics:


The beauty retailer Sephora implemented AR try-ons for makeup products. Customers can use the Sephora app to virtually apply makeup and see how different products look on their skin. This technology has not only increased user engagement but has also led to higher conversion rates.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker, a popular eyewear brand, introduced AR try-ons that allow customers to virtually try on glasses using their smartphones. This technology has increased customer confidence in online purchases and significantly reduced return rates.


IKEA’s AR app allows customers to visualize how furniture items would look in their homes before making a purchase. This has not only enhanced the customer shopping experience but has also contributed to increased sales and reduced product returns.


The rise of AI-based AR try-ons marks a significant turning point in the evolution of e-commerce. This technology is a strategic tool that empowers businesses to provide a superior shopping experience, reduce returns, and build lasting customer relationships. 

From shoes to jewelry, the potential applications are vast, and the benefits are tangible. By carefully implementing AI-based AR try-ons, businesses can elevate their online shopping offerings, drive sales growth, and position themselves at the forefront of the dynamic e-commerce landscape. 

As AI and AR technologies continue to advance, the possibilities for enhancing customer experiences and driving business success are limitless. The question is not whether to embrace AI-based AR try-ons, but how quickly businesses can adapt and capitalize on this transformative trend.

Vossle: Your Easy Route to AI and AR Power

Vossle is the easiest platform to create AI-powered AR tryon experiences and deploy them in minutes. Use Vossle’s AI power to create ultra-realistic experiences for each and every type of AR tryons. Click here to register for free.

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