19 Examples of Web-based Augmented Reality (WebAR)

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Web-based Augmented Reality is growing rapidly in this technologically advanced world that we live in, today, especially with the advent of 5G networking services. It can be easily considered the next big thing for all the sectors of the global economy as it has a lot of space to develop and the applications of WebAR are a lot.

Shifting their presence into virtual locations and selling smart with WebAR is making marketing super convenient for marketers and consumers. All it requires is for people to navigate to a webpage to experience the AR in real time, using their immediate surroundings.

Today we have a plethora of WebAR examples around us, thanks to the very useful and engaging immersive experiences that WebAR brings to businesses and agencies. Companies can now use a digital platform to conduct events that previously required a lot more money and energy to plan out.

No doubt, there are several uses for WebAR. In this article, however, we shall look at some of the best WebAR examples, brought to you by Vossle. These immersive experiences have been curated by our team of professionals and can guarantee engagement as well as enjoyment. But before that, let us strengthen our basics and learn more about WebAR.

What is WebAR?

WebAR stands for Web-based Augmented Reality and is basically Augmented Reality for the web wherein a user follows a URL to a webpage or scans a QR code to experience the AR experience on a device with a camera. WebAR eliminates the need to install an app to experience Augmented Reality.

WebAR supports tracking, image target detection, animation, and some level of interactivity for engagement and is accessed through a browser by the use of WebGL, WebVR, WebRTC, and APIs technologies.

WebAR focuses on minimal loading time, simple but aesthetic graphics, informative interactions, and cleverly placed buttons to increase clicks and engagement. The need for an app’s installment using Native AR creates a friction barrier alleviated in WebAR. This results in drastically increased accessibility and availability to the masses and creators.

We’ve covered in-depth about WebAR, what it is, why webar, its benefits, and much more in this article – vossle.ai/why-webar/

Some Examples of WebAR brought to you by Vossle

Vossle is a cloud-based platform for businesses to build immersive AR experiences for their clientele and reach millions of users instantly. It is more pocket-friendly for small and medium enterprises that cannot afford or do not wish to invest in app development and maintenance.

The following are 19 examples of Web-based Augmented Reality experiences that you can experience anywhere and anytime and were employed by various businesses and agencies to increase their engagement with customers as well as diversify their marketing campaigns.

The KBC Entertainment Experience

This markerless experience brings the KBC experience to you, in your immediate surroundings, and lets you feel as if you are on the set itself, right there with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan!

Check out this experience at: webar.vossle.ai/kbc

Rapunzel retold, with Redbull

Innovatively, Redbull uses Web-based Augmented Reality to demonstrate its bottom line, “Redbull gives you wings.” The link opens up the 3D experience of the prince trying to reach Rapunzel who is locked up in her castle and can do so after drinking Redbull. Right? ‘Cause, it gives you wings?

Check out this experience at: https://vossle.ai/rbt

The Vicks Vaporub Informant

The Vicks Vaporub AR experience is another markerless experience that opens up to an AR experience of the Vaporub situated on an ice cap with informative text bubbles telling the users about the many benefits of using it for a cold and for how long Vicks remains effective.

Check out this experience at: webar.vossle.ai/vicksar

The Spinning Burger

This Augmented Reality experience showcases a delicious personified burger spinning in real-time, using your immediate surroundings. Fast-food owners can use this feature to attract potential buyers and incorporate it into their marketing campaigns to display the various types of burger combinations that exist on their menus.

Check out this experience at: https://vossle.ai/burger

A Redefined Automotive Experience

An automotive experience such as the one linked below can be used by various companies to demonstrate the different parts of their vehicles. It can also be optimized to give the user a sense of the interior of the vehicle and showcase its performance in a simulated environment of the road.

Check out this experience at: https://vossle.ai/automotive

Your Own Interior Décor Consultant

This Furniture AR experience lets the user see how different furniture designs will look inside the house like table sets and colors by simply tapping on them and viewing them in their immediate surroundings to see if they complement the interior décor while also checking the dimensions of the product.

Check out this experience at: webar.vossle.ai/kitchen

Try Glasses from the comfort of your Home

Using this try-on solution brought to you by Vossle, one can try Rayban glasses on and choose from a variety of different spectacle designs to find the one that best suits one’s face. Not having to travel anywhere but still getting to try things on is every shopper’s delight, after all.

Check out this experience at: webar.vossle.ai/tryonanimation

Selling Glasses in a Smart Way

Showcasing your collection has never been more engaging. With AR Glasses’ try-on solution, optical stores can now let potential buyers try their latest designs as well as different colored lenses and see which one looks best. This strategy not only increases engagement but also reduces the number of product returns.

Check out this experience at: https://vossle.ai/round-glasses

Education with WebAR Experiences: Making complex concept fun & Entertaining

The below linked AR experience allows one to demonstrate complex study models with the help of WebAR. In a similar way to this 3D and immersive solar system model, medical students can have models of the human anatomy and even train for surgery on it.

Check out this experience at: https://vossle.ai/solar-system

Visualizing Complex Physics concepts

Hard to imagine physics concepts might be keeping students up all night, but not anymore with AR which allows them to lucidly visualize these bonds and other abstractions in a fun and immersive way which they won’t forget.

Check out this experience at: webar.vossle.ai/hookelaw

More to Learn

Wouldn’t be amazing if you could just tap on copper and it told you what all objects are made out of it and what its properties are? Vossle’s AR experiences can be used to do this exact thing and bring you all the information you require with just one tap!

Check out this experience at: https://vossle.ai/copper

An Endlessly Satisfying Experience

The below linked Augmented Reality plays an experience of the satisfying workings of mechanics which is just the stepping stone towards demonstrating how other complex machinery works, taking you inside these complex workings and giving you an otherwise impossible interior view of them.

Check out this experience at: https://vossle.ai/satisfy

Evaluating a Drone Using AR

This product demo experience lets one examine the parts and workings of a product which, in this case, is a drone. Tapping on it makes the drone work and such an interface can be used very effectively to examine any product, from drones to cars.

Check out this experience at: https://vossle.ai/drone

Camera Interior Demo

This AR experience demonstrates the different lenses and mechanics that a camera uses to operate and do its job. With a proper display of specifications regarding a product, product reliability increases, and the chances of returning it reduces.

Check out this experience at: https://vossle.ai/rpcamera

Vossle’s Chip AR Demo

With this product demo Augmented Reality experience, one can view the different components of a chip. Each part of the chip comes off and displays its name.

Check out this experience at: https://vossle.ai/chipdemo

The Smart Toothbrush Experience With Oral B

Click on the link below to check out the ergonomics and workings of a toothbrush with Oral B. this AR experience also demonstrates the detachable head of the toothbrush in a fun way.

Check out this experience at: https://vossle.ai/oral-b

Character Familiarization Using AR

Now movie makers and production houses can facilitate fans to interact with their favorite characters using a similar interface to the one we have linked below. While Hulk dances, a voiceover of Hulk can also introduce himself and list out the correct order of Marvel movies if you get confused with the timeline!

Check out this experience at: https://vossle.ai/hulk

Pizzeria on Your Phone

This AR experience opens up a 3D animation of a pizza box opening and rotating which can be employed by eateries and restaurant chains to display the items on their menu while actively increasing engagement.

Check out this experience at: https://vossle.ai/pizza

Fogg’s Innovative Marketing

Fogg used Web-Based Augmented Reality to advertise its body spray line. The following link opens up to a product demo of its body spray with flowers in its background as an attractive display of the item.

Check out this experience at: https://vossle.ai/fogg

The Bottom Line

WebAR gives people a lot of space for innovation and making the most out of interactive and immersive audio-visual experiences. Spelling out a new era for the education, medical, retail, and many more sectors, WebAR is all set to revolutionize the global scenario in a matter of time.

There are still many WebAR examples that Vossle provides that haven’t been listed in this blog. If you are interested in more of these and want to reap the benefits of incorporating WebAR into your life to amalgamate fun with productivity and information, check out our website and sign-up to Vossle for a free account today!