3D Transformation of Brands with Vossle Enterprise Infrastructure

Deploy Vossle Enterprise to 3D transform your brand

If you’re a brand currently selling online and want to differentiate yourself from the competition, then 3D transformation is the way to go.

3D transformation is the latest path-breaking strategy for brands to revamp themselves utilizing 3D technologies like AR, VR, Digital Twins, 3D visualization, etc. 

It was never easier for brands than it is now, thanks to Vossle’s comprehensive Enterprise Infrastructure and the powerful, next-generation AI Engine.


3D is deepening consumer’s interactivity & immersion






Average Time Spent on consuming different types of content

What's your goal today?

Create stunning user experience

Improve brand perception

Tell memorable & meaningful stories

Personalize brand experiences

Accelerate sales

Convert customers to brand advocates


Built with Enterprises, for enterprises

Vossle is cloud-based. Its infrastructure is flexible. Vossle’s Enterprise-grade Infrastructure facilitates your 3D transformation. And it’s here to help your business.



Cash in on the trillion-dollar opportunity

Launch your wide-reaching, persistent, and omnipresent virtual presence in the Metaverse. We are your partner through your transition from the real to the virtual world to capture the metaverse market.


"We are pleased to launch India’s first jewelry collection on the Metaverse platform."

Ajoy Chawla

CEO, Jewelry Division at Titan Company


Engagement, not installations, is how interactivity works

We enable Enterprises to create branded Augmented Reality experiences that merge the digital and physical worlds. We help you transform a distinguished user experience through digital interactivity to power your brand into new realities.



AR-based digital trial results in a 94% higher conversion rate.


More than 15% of corporate revenue is expected to come from the metaverse in the next five years

ar transformation


3D is ninety times more engaging than videos


AR-based product interactions result in 94% higher conversion rate


See the unseen: Future proof your business

We help enterprises create an exclusive virtual environment where you are in charge. Tell immersive tales of your values, processes, and future goals with Vossle. We facilitate deeper interaction for a profound and strong emotional connection with your audience.



More than 55% of VR users found the experience satisfying.

$21 Billion

The VR worldwide market share will reach $20.9 billion by 2025.


Gamified brand-user interaction is mainstream now

Top brands across industries are entrusting gamified brand interaction with their expansion and are capitalizing on their potential. We help you create immersive 3D gaming experiences linked to your brand’s value proposition, converting them into a revenue stream.


"We know our consumers are already immersing themselves in these spaces and spending more of their time with virtual experiences that enable them to explore their passions, participate in cultural events and engage with like-minded communities."

Emily O'Brien

Programme Director, Unilever Web3 Collective

ar gaming

3D & AR Ads

Create 3D & AR Ads to offer next-gen immersion

We use Vossle to overhaul your marketing endeavors by adding an immersive component. We help you enhance the user experience by a notch and stand ahead of your competitor with more powerful brand recalls.



90X more engagement than text-based ads.

3 mins

3 minutes of average engagement time


Activate AR on Billboards & 3D OOH Billboards

Offer a perfect blend of entertainment, technology, and marketing catching the imaginations of consumers and businesses alike with Vossle AR.


ar on billboard

Enterprises Employing Vossle's Infrastructure for 3D Transformation

Tanishq - A Tata Product
India’s largest jewelry retailer launched its jewelry collection in the Metaverse and offered AR jewelry tryon through Vossle.
Hindustan Unilever
HUL is using Vossle to attract a younger audience by offering immersive gaming experiences, which is fueling their D2C growth.
ITC Sunfeast
ITC is incorporating Vossle in their AR packaging to enhance brand engagement by improving customer purchasing intent.
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